Thursday, November 1, 2007

Our Halloween Mischief

Oh what fun it is to … whoops wrong time of year! Ok, so I am ahead of myself here. But we did get to go trick or treating! And we had a blast.

I got home at 5:15, hoping that maybe the boys would be ready or have something done. Nope, nothing done, not ready, nada. It was a mess. I picked up dinner and got home to a table with clutter, an unswept floor, a sink full of dishes and no homework done. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy.

As I was fooling with PJ's costume, Eric did some of what was supposed to be done earlier that day. I fooled with this stupid costume for a long time, I would have been better off making something myself.

We wanted to head down a street in the historic district. The entire street decorates and participates in Halloween. It is really nice because we don't have to go from door to door, everyone basically gets in a line and you just follow the line of traffic. But by the time that Eric got done, and I got done with PJ, it was gonna be crowded and a madhouse. So, we decided to hit the major Trunk or Treat instead. For those of you who don't know what a Trunk or Treat is, it is the alternative that churches put on.

The people volunteer and decorate their trunks with a fun theme.

Some are better than others, some are just slapped together, and some have a ton of detail involved.

I would have to say there was about 45 cars involved this year, 2 inflatables, and a dance stage for the church dance team. It was nice. This is the 2nd year that this church has put it on, and it is so worth it. The boys love it
adults have fun,

and there aren't any freaks around.

We were in line for the cotton candy, and well, the guy sorta blew the machine up. It was funny, since I knew him, and I knew the day that he was already having. Since that was not working, we just decided that we would head down Centenary and enjoy the rest of the evening.

It was almost dark when we got there. The crowd had died down some since the Block Party was going on. It wasn't too bad. We got in with the flow of traffic and starting going from house to house. It is nicely decorated and the people are outside handing out the candy to the kids. Now that is nice, limited stairs, no waiting for the door to open, a neat flow of traffic. That is until the people that are way too old to be out, come out and be rude and obnoxious.

Oh these houses were amazing! Just amazing. They put lights up, decorate like it is Christmas,
put all of the neat decorations in the yards.

Most of these people have been doing this for years, so they have it down pat.

There were caskets, and

pumpkin people,

grave yards and

old horror flicks playing on a sheet,

cobwebbed doors and a

band playing on the porch.

And of course it isn't a mystery if Scooby Doo isn't involved!

It is a great time for all to have.

There was one unfortunate incident though. Someone got hurt, how, well, I don't know yet. But the ambulance had to come down the street and work on someone and then take them away. I am hoping there would be something in the paper about that today.

While we were out, I had gotten a few messages from Chuck to bring PJ by for some candy. At the time, they weren't busy, it would have been fine if I got there when he sent me the first message. I had told PJ to take his candy and dump it in the bag that we had for overflow. He went inside, looked at his daddy, "Daddy, my bucket is empty, I didn't get any candy." Chuck looked at him, "ok buddy, you get all that you want!" Oh goodness, PJ dived right in and took what he wanted.

Thankfully, we finally got home. And my was I tired, but it was fun to go out, see all of the interesting creativity that people have. The time was good for all of us, the boys were good and tired when we got home, but you know, we have to go through and see what was collected. It is neat that people take pictures,
and then give you a treasure map to the store to get your picture, that the Chik-fil-a decorations came with candy and an ice cream certificate. That you get the little M & M people too. It was fun, we all had a good time, I think next year I may dress up too, just for more ridicule and condemnation.

So, to all of you that were sitting at home busy condemning people for going out and participating in the evils of Halloween. We had a blast, what did you do?