Sunday, May 9, 2010

My very special Mother's Day

I know I haven't been on much at all. Work, family, business all seem to keep me busy. Usually by the time I get home from work, I don't want to be on the computer. And my days off, well, they are so packed full, I don't want to waste time on the computer. So, I don't blog much these days. Hopefully, I will get back to it soon, I do miss it.

Ok, so this Mother's Day was a bit different for me. For one, we all are in church together. What a wonderful treat just to be in church as a family! But it was also different for me, because I was asked to portray one of the top ten Mother's in the Bible.

My friend, Kristie, called last week and asked if I would be a mother from the Bible. I have a hard time saying no, and I am so glad I didn't say no. I had a choice of 3 to pick from, I chose Rachel.

I had to come up with 3 to 4 lines about who Rachel was. Turns out, it was 3 to 4 minutes, but not difficult for me to come through. And then to say how faithful God has been to us. That was the hard part.

First was Eve, mother of all creation. Mistakes are learned from, life goes on. Adam came from dust, Eve came from Adam. She came from a living being to give life to others.

Sarah was next, a woman who wanted a child so badly, to hold that baby in her life, to raise a child to fear God. But in her old age, she knew that she wasn't going to be that mother. Until God spoke, and at at 90, she became a mother.

I was Rachel, sister to Leah, Jacob's first wife. I was his favorite wife. And out of his 4 wives, we started a nation. 12 sons, 12 tribes. Rachel competed for Jacob's love and in the end she gave birth to his favorite son, Joseph, and his youngest son, Benjamin. She died giving birth. What a tragic ending to a story of a woman that was loved so much by a man that he would work his life just to receive her.

I had the choice of doing Rahab, and I declined because I didn't know all that much about her. I am so glad I didn't choose her, for Rhonda did an excellent job portraying Rahab. Rahab was a prostitute, she wasn't of Jewish belief. She left her profession and became the great great grandmother to King David.

Naomi was blessed with 2 sons, but life turned bad for her, famine, loss of job, looking for a job, moving, and eventually, losing her beloved husband. But little did she know the worst was yet to happen, her sons chose pagan wives. Heartbroken, no husband, no sons, no grandchildren.

Ruth was Naomi's daughter-in-law, and like Naomi, she was widowed too. Ruth has an amazing story, and an entire book dedicated to her in the Bible. Ruth married Boaz, son of Rahab, mother to Obed.

Hannah has an amazing story, she was barren, no chance to have children. But she told God that if He gives her a son, she would give him back to God. And that is exactly what happened. Samuel was given to Hannah and she did exactly what she said, she gave Samuel back to God. She left him at the temple to be raised by priests, visiting him once a year. Samuel grew up to be one of the greatest prophets in the Bible.

Mary was the first mother from the New Testament. The mother of Jesus. And I can't even describe the emotions that went through all of us when she got up there to speak. To a mother, and to be the mother of Jesus. Any mother knows what it is like to feel their children's pain. To want to take their place when they are hurt. But for her to suffer when her Son suffered, but to rejoice when He rose from the dead.

Number 9 is a mother that has no name. She is the mother of every son that was 2 and under, living in Bethlehem, that Herod had killed. He wanted to be the only king and he killed all the boys that were under the age of 2. To watch her son be killed, a piece of her was torn out, and she could do nothing about it.

Lastly, was a mother that we seem to forget is there. Mrs. Zebedee. Her behavior and actions were critized. She went to Jesus and asked for him to put her 2 sons the top spots in heaven, on His right and on His left. What does this say about her? She wanted her sons to be that close to Jesus. Just like we want our children to be that close to Jesus.

So, you see, my Mother's Day was very different. I was honored to represent a mother in the Bible, but it was more of an honor for me to be up there with 9 other women, representing Mothers as a whole.