Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2009 in review

When 2009 started, little did I know what was coming down the road for me. Just like everyone else. We don't expect the deaths, the losses, the surgeries, the pain. We don't expect the wonderful things either. So many want things to stay the same, and you know that never happens.

I have had a year of WOW! How else am I supposed to put it???? I really have no other way to put it. God has been mightly moving in our lives and home. My God is able and He cares for you and for us!

Chuck had enough of the stress with RGM at Pizza Hut. Demanding time that would be more away from home, and then when he was home, walking on egg shells. He would be tired and not want to have anything to do with the family. He realized that is not the way to live and had just about enough to say goodbye to Pizza Hut. And enough to say, "Let's start a business" OK, not gonna complain about that.

So, the end of January came a goodbye to corporate work force and a step of faith. Little did we know that this was going to be a true step of faith. And so Clear View Cleaning was created. Business license and insured too. We started out cleaning windows, grabbed a few jobs, but knew that wasn't enough to make it through.

Lawns quickly picked up the side business. Let me tell you right now, I don't like mowing yards. It isn't the work, the heat or the sweat. It is the fact that pushing a mower is not what I want to do! I did get a very nice tan though.

February brought us Eric's 14th birthday, so yes, in a few months I will have one driving with a permit. I have grey hair now, just wait! February also having us tell goodbye to our sports cars. UGH! We traded the hot little MB and Jetta for a white Ford F150. I, to this day, still can't get in the truck gracefully. It also gave us a new trailer for the mowers. See, I didn't see this business with me on a mower..... LOL

March came forth with 2 birthdays. PJ hit the milestone of 10, no more single digits, those days are gone. And mine, well, 42 isn't so bad. I have had a great life so far, and age is just a mind over matter... And it doesn't matter to me!

May provided a scare for me. The Pizza Hut that I worked for at the time was robbed at gun point. I wasn't there, typical me, I was taking my time on a pretty Friday morning making my runs. I was in no rush. Stopped to talk to a friend, talked to a customer, got back to the store about 3 minutes after it all happened. I failed as a mother, I didn't call the school to let Eric know that I was ok. They locked down school and announced that Pizza Hut was robbed at gun point. Eric wondered all through the day if I was ok. To be in that position had to be very difficult. It was then that I decided to quit Pizza Hut and work with Chuck over the summer.

Chuck and I also celebrated our 19th anniversary. I cleaned windows that day, he pressure washed my dad's house. And then a dinner for just the 2 of us topped off the evening.

May also brought us an honor award for Eric. Yes, an honor award for the boy that struggled everyday in elementary school. The boy that was failing 6th grade received an honor award. I so wanted to cry, but I fought back the tears.

June we stayed pretty much very busy. Lawns, pressure washing, windows. Eric helped all summer mow lawns, thank goodness! But we looked at weeks that we were covered up, didn't think there was an end in sight. But we survived the month and came out on top.

It was July and August that it died off. More than we expected. But we took the time to be a family. Fishing on July 4th, I caught a fish! Camping, yes that was an experience for all of us. I lost the boys down the river, what mother does something that stupid? I roasted my first marshmallow over an open campfire, sleeping under the stars, looking at the stars at 3AM, wondering what time do the bugs finally go to sleep, waking to a fire that keeps us warm on cool summer mornings. Exploring the area that we didn't know was around us. Being close enough to home to spend another night and get supplies for another day camping.

August started another school year and time for me to find a part time job. I started working at Duracell, or as I preferred to call it Durahell. I hated that place, but I stayed 6 weeks longer than I thought I would!

The boys started a new school year. Eric in 8th, PJ in 5th. Yes, next August I am putting one in High School and the other in Middle School. Check in on me that day, I don't know how well I will handle all of this.

September was a turning point in all of our lives. Chuck rededicated his life to Christ. 20 years running the other way, he was hit between the eyes with that Christ is the only way. And when he turned around, he turned around big time. On fire for Christ, willing to give up everything to spread the Word to the lost and the hurting. Mission work has been put on his heart. God will move him and use him in the way that He sees fit for all of us.

I got a new Bible, Chuck wanted so badly to buy one for me, but money was tight and he couldn't get the one that I wanted. So, he called my dad and they went out and on the 42nd anniversary of the death of my mother, I received something for my new life in Christ. A beautiful Thompson Chain Reference Bible, with my name on it.

Chuck's life turning around has affected the entire house. Getting up early to read and to pray. Prayer at the table, the boys reading their Bibles, the music in the house. We are living fo Christ and it shows in all that we do in our lives.

October brought more changes to our home. I started to work as a server for Pizza Hut, the one that Chuck ran for 2 years, the one that he left at the end of January. I did that for a reason, so that way I could help with the business and that I can still be home if needed.

October also brought a surprise to all of us. PJ's salvation! My first Wednesday night working, PJ got saved!

November left me wanting more. I went to an amazing Ladies Retreat. The church paid my way, I didn't want them to, but they did. I loved it. I think the blessing that I received most was that the church gave so much for me to go.

Eric had the chance to go to the youth trip. Someone backed out after paying the full price, and Eric was available to go. Wow! We have been so blessed to be in a church that blesses others, no matter who you are.

We also became members of Clingan Ridge Baptist Church, and with that was the baptism of Chuck and the boys. An amazing night, unexpected night too. The words that Chuck had to share touched so many lives. Not his words, but HIS words!

December is here and nearly done. I barely got Christmas going, but I made it. A little bit less than what we usually have. But I have more than money can have given to me. I could care less if there was one package for me. I received more this year than I really deserved. A Christian home, a life that Christ has given me, the salvation of my baby, their baptism. So what if someone gets a new phone, an iPod, gift cards. I have life in Christ and I know that I will be in glory one day with all of them.

On December 12th, Chuck and I celebrated the date of our first date, 20 years ago. WOW! Thanks for forgetting the donut Sweetie!

That is it in a nutshell.

2010 brings us things that we know will be here. For me, Eric turns 15, PJ turns 11. Out 20th anniversary. Chuck's mission trip to Jamaica, the first of many we hope. Hopefully another full year with our parents. Time to draw closer to God, as He draws nigh to us. A time to read through the Bible and to share Christ with the lost.

I will be 43 next year, and for all those years behind me, I am grateful for where I have been. But I am not looking back any longer. Forward I will go.

May your 2010 be more than what you expect it to be. Remember to keep God right there in the center of your life.

Hugs from me to you!