Monday, April 21, 2008

The Joys of Gardening

You may ask, "Patti, why does your garden look like that?" Well, let me tell you why..... We expected a frost one night and another one the following night and to be fully and completely honest with you, I put too much time and too much money in this garden for it to be nipped by the frost.

I knew it was coming. I had been watching the weather intently over the last 2 weeks. Watching and hoping that I wouldn't have to get out there and cover it all up. A sheet wouldn't have worked well enough, so out I go with the mason jars, Easter buckets and whatever else I could find to protect my precious little plants.

It was April 15th and we had lows of 36 and 38. Unreal! I knew it was coming, it is called Dogwood Winter. Once the dogwoods bloom we learn to expect another dip in the temps. There is one more to follow, Blackberry Winter. And I have seen it very, very, very cold during Blackberry Winter. Miserably cold.

So, I planted my tomato plants a little early. The weather was perfect for me to plant all that I wanted to plant. I really got excited when I noticed the beautiful weather. So, I jumped on it and started planting. I then realized that I need to protect what I have out there.

To be honest with you, it wasn't the money aspect of the garden that bothered me. Four plants is only .99 so I can replace that easily. It is the fact that I have worked so hard in the garden since I have gotten them both, that if I lost a plant or 2 that is not a big deal. But considering I planted all of those plants, losing all of them would just be a pain to get back out there and do again. So walking up and down the stairs, getting bricks, finding stuff around the house that would protect the yard, MAY have been worth it, I wasn't so sure about all of that after I got done with it.

So, hopefully that will be the last night that we, wait, I have to do this. Because if I have to go through all of this again, I may let it all go to pot. Ah, I know better, I will go out there, trudge through the grass with my bowls, jars, pots and bricks to protect my veggies.

Oh yeah, PJ pulled a piece of spinach,washed it and then ate it. Loved it too. Nothing like fresh vegatables out of your own garden.