Monday, September 7, 2009

Finding work

Finding a job has been very hard on me. Considering that I have applied to about 100 places, and no one wants me makes it even harder. I was getting very depressed for a period there, life was getting to me.

Our business slowed down considerably during the summer. We didn't take into consideration the vacation time. So, that is when we came to a halt! But it has picked up and picked up nicely. And, of course, when Chuck went back to Pizza Hut part time in Dalton, and I found a job, the phone hasn't stopped ringing.

I have found a job, I started at Duracell, through a Staffing Agency, last week. In a nutshell, I hate it. I hate factory work, I hate the work, I hate the job. What else can I say? I don't see the glamour in the job. People look at me and tell me how lucky I am that I got on at Duracell. I don't see it. I was hired through an agency and I don't get the starting pay that Duracell offers for the entry level position, not even close. But it is a job and it will help with the bills.

I have found that if I make a list of prayer requests and needs, I stand there in front of the conveyor belt and I pray. On my break, I go over my list, I see who I have already prayed for and who is left. It makes my day go by faster and it makes it a little more tolerable. Not much, but some.

I had an interview with Jones Mgmt last week. I will find something out Tuesday if I have this job or not. Pay is a bit better, but they bonus every month, that is nice. It is an internet lending job. Basically it is a pay day advance over the computer.

Chuck put it nicely today, Jones Mgmt job take advantage of people in bad circumstances, CFA staffing, the people that put me with Duracell, takes advantage of people in bad circumstances.

The Jones Mgmt job has crummy hours, 11-8 and every other Saturday 10-2. I don't like the hours, I would miss my family, but it gives me the chance to get into interviews in the morning and not after 4pm.

The Duracell hours are 7 -3:30, I can't complain, I am up anyways. But by the time I get home, my body hurts. I get up every morning thanking God for a job to go to, for something that He has provided for the time being. But it is something that I just am not cut out for.