Thursday, August 9, 2007

The freezer is full, the pantry is nearly full

Ok, another thing about my kitchen. So, I am warning you before you get to far into it.

My pantry came in last Thursday and when I got home, Chuck had it already connected to the wall. I love it. It is a beautiful piece and very different. It fits so well in my kitchen. I still have to get use to the fact that the freezer is in the place of the old fridge. So, the cream is not in the freezer!

So, slowly but surely, I started to fill up the pantry. It holds everything very nicely. The perfect size for the family. The perfect style for me.
Those are carrots that I did !!! And then the greenbeans that Eric did several weeks ago. So now that I have things "put up" for a while, we had to get the freezer full.
Chuck and the boys took off to Decatur to pick up the 1/2 cow that we ordered . It just so happened that when we called,they had one hanging and ready to be cut to our order. Yippee!
They got home before I did, and the freezer was full with nearly 300lbs of meat! Everything so neatly put in there, in a nice orderly fashion... nice! I know what is on each shelf and I am now weighing it to know how much is in each.

First nights dinner consisted of 1 Tbone and 2 ribeyes for the 4 of us. And well, no more Walmart, BiLo, Cooke's or even Fresh Market steaks. This is the life people!
Chuck asked why we didn't do this 17 years ago. Well, 1 we had an apartment and 2 there were times we couldn't afford it.
But now we have a freezer quite full of red meat. Soup bones, stew meats, roasts,steaks, ground beef. I think I am prepared for winter and a few months after too. My dad came over after they got home and Chuck gave him a packet of soup bones. He looked at me when I got in the door, and said "do you think you can spare a little bit bigger package of the soup bones?" Well, um, I think I can give you a bit more,but not too much more. My kids are spoiled, Chuck is particular, and I am just happy that I can now I can reach in the freezer and have dinner ready. I don't have to plan out at the store what to buy now. It is a luxury in my life, a small luxury. But still it is something nice to have. Plus, it eases my fears of not having any food in the house. Lived like that long enough, don't want to live like that again!