Thursday, August 9, 2007

First day of school

It doesn't seem possible that a little over 2 months has passed since the last day of school. And the last day of elementary school for Eric. But it has and today has brought new feelings, emotions, and excitement all at once.
The early mornings are back, the rush of getting out the door with everything, the homework, and projects are back too. They will be until they walk out of that door on the last day of high school. I thrive on this stuff.
I was so excited this morning. I was saddeded too, I didn't want to drop Eric off this morning, but I did. And I didn't let him see my emotions. Driving back home, I teared up a little bit. It is hard to image that it was 6 years ago that I walked him to his Kindergarten class. Of course, no more kisses in the car, it is more like "you can drop me way over there!" Nope, just push him out of the car, and let him explore this new phase in his life.

The middle school and high school have established dress codes. So now all the kids look the same. Oh well, whatever happened to expressing yourself? I understand why they do this. Gangs and girls that don't know how to dress appropriately. Or to that matter the parents that let their child walk out the door dressed in such a manner.
Solid color polo, cotton shorts for right now, belt, closed toe shoes. Things like that. Now we all know what happens when you wash cotton shorts.... wrinkle up! Yep, they do, and that is more ironing on me. The dress code informs us of no stitching on the shirt bigger than a 2" sq. They also tell us that all clothing must be free of tears, frays and wrinkles. What? wrinkles..... what in the world. I understand they don't want them coming to school looking a mess, but please! Anyway, if they come to school wrinkled, they will call the parents and we are to bring them a change of clothes. Ok, who isn't busy anymore in life? A stay at home mom is always on the go, I work, Chuck works, a housewife has the hardest job of them all. But I am full time on my job, full time mom, full time wife and full time housewife, that leaves very little time to run to school to give Eric a change of clothes. If I don't do that, in school suspension. I think they are a little overboard on that one. I will end up teaching Eric how to iron that stuff. Take some off of me, because I know that he is gonna need help with the homework and then there is PJ.
I asked Eric on the way in how he was feeling. He was nervous and excited at the same time. I think he is looking more forward to this then I thought he was. I am glad to see him go headstrong into this. I hope that it helps him get motivated.
PJ is now in the 3rd grade. Do you remember 3rd grade? Some of us choose to repress that memory. That is the hardest grade there is. Up until that point in life you are learning to read, now it is reading to learn. PJ noticed all the books in the boxes yesterday. He had to be nosey and look. At least she didn't have them on the desk like Eric's teacher did when he entered into 3rd grade. Eric looked at me and told me " I am going home and not coming back." He was serious and scared to death. This was the grade that tested him to no ends. This is the grade that will determine if you can make it or not.
PJ was excited yesterday. New classmates, new friends, new teacher.... everything new. He is such a smart kid, I don't think this will affect him like it did Eric. Different children, different outlook on life

We got PJ's TCAP (TN standardized test) scores yesterday. He scored above average in nearly everything. He rushed through the test. He was running behind so he started guessing. He guessed pretty good, he scored well into the 90's in most part. It amazes me how he does that.
Well, I will find out more from Eric this afternoon. He gets out of school at 2:25. I should hear from him shortly thereafter. I hope his day goes well. Most likely homework already!