Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The first nice Saturday in a long time

This past Saturday I had to getEric from my mother-in-law. He spent some time on his fall break over there, but I have a tendency to miss him when he is gone. I don't know, maybe because he can be such a big help.

PJ and I went shopping and then we got home, unloaded and took off to Birchwood to get Eric. We get there, I had to get something to eat, come out, move cars and there they are. So, I load up my sons and take off, heading to a pumpkin patch somewhere in Decatur that I don't know where I am going.

I was driving up Hwy 58, and hit our turn and start looking for this little road in the middle of no where, now I don't have Tom Tom or any kind of directional help, only Google Map. I drive down this little road, and drive and drive, and then finally realize that there are house numbers and I need to start looking at them. I went too far, and turned around. I find the place that it is supposed to be the pumpkin patch and organic produce, but there was nothing there. It is next weekend that they are having their fall festival.

One the way, we spotted Watts Bar power plant. Now, I spotted a photo opp, I am learning to take pictures of what is around me. They all aren't very good, but I am trying.

If only the trees were changing. Oh how I wish we had some kind of fall, some kind of color other than green or dying brown.

Ok, so I didn't find what I was looking for, but it was a nice day for a drive. Before the change in weather, it was a chore to go outside and do anything, even go for a nice drive.

We head on home and I decided that since we were close to Athens that we would go to the pumpkin farm out there. I get to somewhere that I have some kind of coverage and call for directions. Little did I know that it was all the way out in the mountain area. I was just about to give up, and there was my turn. Whoo Hoo! We are going out there today to get pumpkins.

We get there and I talk to the owner, due to the drought, they didn't have any pumpkins. They had several shipped in, same with apples, and they were costly! But the boys and I looked around and found some things to eat. The owner was making fried pies, so of course, you know I had to buy at least one. Walked away with 4! Eric and PJ found some very nice pumpkins. They were a little high, but since I drove all the way out there, I should be nice and buy them a nice pumpkin. Now we get to carve them tomorrow!!!!

On the way out, I observed several beautiful pictures that just beckoned me to take their picture. I just had to, I don't know why. But I have loved taking the pictures of the area that is slowly dying out.

I thought that since we were out, we would take 411 home, a nice drive, country area. Pleasant surroundings. I remember the old Midway Drive In in Etowah, so, I pull over and take a picture of it. It wasn't that long ago that this still held the movies, but times change, people change and all these old places are left empty, looking for someone to take over and restore them.

I knew it was getting late and the boys were getting hungry, but I had to make one last stop before going home. The Amish community in Delano. We have been there one time before and it was pretty cool that the boys get to go out there. There is a sign before you enter the building, "Please respect us, please dress properly. No tank tops, no low cut tops." I appreciate that. They reserve the right to serve you if you aren't dressed properly.

Of course, I had to buy something. So, some Yukon Golds and a purple pepper. Did I need the pepper? Nope, but it was cool and I wanted it! I love going there. The old cash register, the old scale, the way that they make their breads and sticky rolls (that I turned down).

Ok, I really need to head home. PJ is hungry and Eric seemed a little tired. We go, but we run into a little old man outside and we get to talking and he showed the boys the horse and buggy. Oh it was so cute. They got up in the buggy and I had to take a picture, they looked so photogenic! They also petted the horse, which surprised me. They never pet anything!

Finally, finally, we head home. And once again, I looked all around me and I saw some things that I would have never thought about taking pictures of. I had Eric watching behind me to make sure no cars were coming. I was taking chances, but I had to get these shots.

This old train bridge is still a working bridge. Now if the leaves were changing, it would be gorgeous. But they aren't, and we are missing out on so many beautiful colors. Since we are in historic drought situation here, the leaves just fall off, we have missed out on so much this year. It took until now to get a nice Saturday to do something that we don't do much.

I found myself driving down the road with the camera in hand. I am so glad that I brought it with me. The next time that I come this way, all of this may be gone. And I just don't want the memories to escape me without getting the camera out and taking the picture and putting it in my memory bank.

I am so glad that the boys and I headed out today. 100 miles, 4 hours, sunroof open, 2 double cheeseburgers later, we made memories, had fun, laughed, took chances, and would do it again anytime.

I am so thankful for the first beautiful, comfortable day. It made our day so much nicer. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and we can do some more things like this together before it gets too cold.