Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Taste of Home cooking school date

A few weeks ago I decided to go out and buy the tickets for the Taste of Home Cooking School. I thought that this is the perfect age for Eric to go and just have a fun time. I told Eric about the tickets and that we will have a date to the cooking school.

Last Thursday he called me and said that he wanted to go to his friend's house Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Well, I got a little upset by the whole thing. Here I am, planning on a night out with Eric and he wants to spend time with his friend. I was crying at work because of the fact that he would rather do something else.

On Friday, after he got home from school, he apologized and told me that he wanted to go with me to the cooking school. He ended up going to his friend's house on Friday night and then his friend came over on Monday and spent the night with us. So, it worked out for all of us.

Last night was our date, and did we have a good time. No, it isn't an exciting date. It was hot and very uncomfortable seating, but we had a good time. We got our goodie bag filled with wonderful things.

We got there early and I told Eric that we could look at the vendors there and see what they have displayed. Well, the first one we come up to was this gourmet thing, they had food out and you could buy a plate and small drink for $3. They had 2 things to choose from, some kind of beef with Austrian red cabbage, and then this chicken on a skewer thing with butternut squash and sprouts. You had your choice of 2 different drinks also. Eric decided that he would like to try something, and that was fine with me. He picked the chicken; he wasn't too sure about the red cabbage stuff. He picked his drink and then went and sat down while I looked around. He saved me the scrapings on the plate, well, wasn't that nice. He did tell me that the food was REALLY good, and that he would have liked to have more of it.

I got to look around some. Visited the vendors, got my free stuff, and looked at everything they had there, grabbed a few coupons and went back to my seat. And then Eric took his time around, he comes back with milk and ice cream sandwich cookies. And one more time before the show starts, I get up and stretch my legs and walk some more. Found some Little Debbie cakes before they shut down, so we had dessert on top of that too.

The show started, and we are on the bleachers, so needless to say, my bottom is hurting today. But the time that Eric and I spent together, it is worth it. This show was sponsored by the radio station that Eric likes to listen to, so he was excited to see the DJ's and the people that work at the station. Trust me, to a kid that is a big deal.

The woman comes on and she tells us that the book that she will be using the recipes out of is in the bag, and it was, along with so many other good stuff. And Eric digs through the bag and finds a pen, he starts checking off the stuff in the book that he wants to try. He started with the first recipe that she made and he tells me that this stuff looks easy enough that he can do it. Of course he had some questions that he asked too, like what was parchment paper and if I could help with some of these things that he wants to make. I don't mind helping, I just don't want to take over, a bad habit of mine.

They had the TVs set up so you could see how she was making everything. Oh Eric just loved that. Next time he wants to sit closer to the TV, so that way he can see more.

He loved watching all the stuff that she was making, he loved walking around, and he had a blast with the DJ's running around having a good time. There were a ton of door prizes that they were giving away, so of course, we filled out our cards. Now, mind you, there are about 300 people there, so not everyone gets something, but we could only hope.

In the middle of all of this, they were giving away extra bags of goodies! Yippee, so, I told Eric to grab some, he comes back with 3 and told me that the guy told him to take all he wanted, ok that will work. So, I go back and get 5 more. Hey, I have friends that would love this stuff. Why not? I will be mailing some to my friends; some of the ladies here would really appreciate them too.

Intermission comes around, I noticed that people were leaving left and right, so I go out to the car and put all of my bags in the car and then decide that there were parking spots up close and personal. Ok, this gives me a chance to get some AC on me, considering the building was so very hot. And I get in, move the car right next to the steps, lazy me. But I had so many other things to carry out that I didn't feel like walking out there all over again at the end of the show.

During intermission they pulled names from the box, nothing for us. Everyone in our section got something by this time, but not us. I really wanted the cook book, like I need another one. Ok, so right before they gave away the last of the dishes that she cooked, they started calling more names. Stuff from the table, the good stuff that is, not the stinking mums that I don't need. So, all the good stuff is nearly gone, and then I hear my name!!! WHOO HOO, I heard my name! I didn't know what it was at the time, as long as it wasn't a stinking flower that is gonna die, I didn't care. Poor Eric didn't win anything, but he is bound and determined to go back next year. So, what did I win, well, I will tell you what I won….. I got a canister type thingy from Domino. It holds the whisk, spatula, spoons and stuff. Ok, I have all that stuff, so I think that I am gonna let Eric have it as his own special stuff. He is really, really excited about cooking. And for him to have his own stuff, for him to use and care for his own stuff, will be good for him.

We got home about 10, and we were both wiped out. But we had a good time, we had fun, and he has plans to go again next year with me. I over slept this morning, so did he, but, oh well, it was a chance to bond with my beloved Eric, and at this age for him, that means a lot to me. It may not mean anything right now to him, but for me, well, that was just another moment to put in the memory bank.