Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Eric's day out

Feb 25 was Eric's 13th birthday and since I had to work, I thought that taking him out for a day of shopping and lunch in Chattanooga would be nice. Now lunch started out with just him, PJ and me. Then it blew up, my in-laws came, my SIL and her family invited themselves.Anyway we left to go to Steve and Barry's. It is a sports store that they opened in Chattanooga. They carry the Starbury stuff along with Venus Williams, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bubba Watson lines. Everything in the store is under $20. We got there and everything was 8.98. EVERYTHING. I told Eric that he had $100 to buy whatever he wanted. I mean you are only 13 once and I wanted to make this memorable for him. I never had a parent that did anything like this for me. And I really wanted him to have a nice birthday. He looked around 2 or 3 times. I think the first time he was in awe in all that was in that store. And then he got a buggy and started shopping. He had so much fun. He got 2 pair of tennis shoes, 2 NCAA T shirts and UT hat. I ended up buying PJ a pair of shoes, much needed. And I got a decent jacket for Christmas 2008. Yes, I start early. When I find something I buy it. Nothing major, it was only 8.98.
We got to downtown Chattanooga for lunch and drove around looking for parking. Ended up paying $4 for that only because I couldn't find something with a meter. Nuts! But it was right across the street from the restaurant. So I guess that would work. But still to pay that much for just 2 hours, unreal. We all had such a nice lunch. It was fun trying to get PJ situated with what he wanted for lunch. I guess when you have 14 different proteins, spices, 30 veggies, sauce and then pick from 5 starches, you get a little overwhelmed! But I got him through. The man behind me, his bowl was piled so high, I am surprised that he didn't lose anything. He was very helpful though, you can take a spoon and try the sauces, I didn't know that. He told me that they had the sesame noodles on the side along with the sesame seeds to add to your meal. Cool. You learn a lot from the people around you.
Since we don't do this a whole lot, I told Eric that he could have dessert. Something special for him. Only if I got to share it with him!
Across the street from where we ate is
Now I went there the other day when I was down there, and they weren't open. And it was too cold to wait around for them to open. So I figured since we were gonna be there again, we would go there after lunch. I love this store. I am such a kid. They have everything that you can imagine. All kinds of candy, flavors and anything you want. Now, I am an orange slice type girl. So, that is the very first bin that I go for. I love those things, I guess you can call it an addiction. I also like the fruit slices, you know the ones, they look like they have the peel on them. Oh my goodness, I was in heaven. I grabbed my bagged and filled up with orange slices. And even though I was full, I had to have a few before I got in the car. PJ made a bag, and Eric made his, but he paid for what he wanted. The store has the funny mirror in it. Well, I couldn't resist. I had to get a shot of the boys in it.
This is what life is all about, to have fun. To live a little, to enjoy the time that you have. We stopped a few more places on the way home. Eric wanted to go shopping at the mall, so we headed up there. And then home for the night. I am so tired, but it was worth it. I know that Eric will remember this birthday for the rest of his life.