Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I thought that maybe getting Eric out of the house So, I went grocery shopping and then got home. "Eric, you want to go to Hamilton Place today? Maybe you can find that hat that you are looking for." It was a done deal, he had been saving his money from doing his allowence, and I figured that this would a good thing for him to get out and clear his head.We get down there right at 10 and some of the stores that he wanted to go to were still closed. I thought they opened. That was fine, he just wanted to walk around and see if he could find something that he like to buy. Not a problem, I didn't have much to do this afternoon anyways, I didn't mind. He finally found something. And we were on our way home.
On our way home, we took the backroads home. I conveniently brought my camera with me this day. Only because, I had the time to do whatever I wanted to do. It really isn't backroads, but it is off the interstate, something a little different.
I took some road that I ended up having to turn around. But before I had to, we had to drive under this train bridge. I have a thing for the old train bridges. I don't know why, maybe because they are few and far between in this area.
Eric wanted to try his hand at taking pictures.I don't mind. He may find something that he would like to do.The rest of the way home was rather unphotogenic. They are building so much all over the place, that there isn't many old places left around. They tear up the old, rip down the trees, strip the land to build bigger and better, that won't be around as long as the house that they tore down or the trees that they ripped down. And it is sad for the way that the land is cleared for something that someone really doesn't need.
We got home, and I thought that we would stop for free lunch with Chuck. I had to drop something off with him anyways, so staying for salad was just another option. But when we got done, I just didn't want to spend the day at home. We had a perfect day for a drive. And that is just what we did. We went home and packed the cooler and took off for the afternoon. To where? Well, the last trip was north of here, so we headed out east and then north and then south. Trust me, not what I was planning, but it worked out nicely.
We haven't been out to the Ocoee River and the dams that were out there. The weather was great. Open the sunroof and let it all hang out. Our first stop was Ocoee Dam 1, there are 3, but we only stopped at 2.
Some people thought it was a good day for fishing too. Yep, it was a great day for fishing too.We continued to drive along this curvy road. Enjoying the view on one side, the river that was not a river. The lack of rain pretty much dried up what was supposed to be a white water rafting adventure.I love this part of the river. When the rapids are flowing, the place is wonderful. But, once again, the lack of rain, really is starting to show how badly we need the rain. Now, TVA hasn't opened the gates yet to get the water to start flowing, that will start soon. Right before the rafting season, if there is one, begins. The ramp was a bear to get back up, really, I am out of shape. Yes, round is a shape, but not a shape that goes uphill very well. Since we were already out this far, I figured another 30 to 40 minutes up the road woudldn't be too bad. And I needed gas, so it would be best to continue the way that we were heading.
I stopped at the BP and nearly didn't get out of there. Eric swiped the card and tried to put diesel in my Jetta. Thankfully, the nozzle didn't fit! I can see me trying to explain that to Chuck, the tow bill, and the bill for the new engine. Yep, got lucky, didn't I? We hit Copper Basin. Now, for those of you that are from other areas, I will give you a site that you can look at this little town. Many years ago this was a mining town near the junctions of Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia. Located at the very end of Polk county. It consists of over 60,000 acresI love going here. Here is PJ in Tennessee, looking at going into Georgia. The boys are fascinated with the fact that one can stand in Tennessee and the other in Georgia. I turned down one road and drove for a little while. I didn't see anything thing that caught my eyne for a picture. So I turned around and headed back to town and go the other way I was really looking for an orchard out there, but I had no cell coverage and no internet coverage, so that was out of the question. Turned around to head back home. I pulled down this one road, and I spotted this barn. We are surrounded by them. And in the country they are everywhere
Now for some photo ops that did catch my eye on the way out there. Eric needed to stop before we got in the middle of no where. That is fine, not a problem. While I was waiting on him, I was looking around. People up there are a little backwards. Now mind you when I moved to Cleveland in 1989, these people were backwards to me. But for the boys to comment, it is rather obvious. But while I was waiting, there was this empty building for rent. There was nothing there, but there was this door, wide open. Someone took the time to replace the awning, but the door looks like it was the original door that was with the building so many years ago. And now for the trip home. I stopped at the places that would process the dirt from the land that was stripped for copper. This is all now abandoned, and this was as close as I could get. I would love to see what all was back there. It was a gorgeous day. We enjoyed the ride there and home. And I am so glad that we had the chance to get out. That Eric had time to clear his brain. And that we had time together. Next trip is to North Carolina!