Friday, May 2, 2008

Family Fun Day it was not!

Since Chuck has been off from work, he planned on getting some things done outside. The weather has cooperated nicely with his plans. He wanted to get the shed up on Saturday, and that did get done. And Sunday he wanted to work in the front flower bed to get somethings up and out and trimmed. That was fine. As long as I don't have to do anything, I personally don't care.

Let me get my point across very early in this blog, I HATE YARDWORK! I can say it again if need be. But I really despise the fact that I can't have someone out there working my yard for me while I sit in my nice new chair and I put my feet up and rest. But that is not what Chuck had planned for our Family Sunday. Nope, not even close.

Ok, I can understand wanting to get the yard looking nice. Everyone else on the block, the other 3 houses, actually have nice yards. Now, our one neighbor, he doesn't work. So he can spend all day outside and piddle around. The one 2 houses down, they were blessed with a nice yard when they moved in, and the other to the right of us, she too was blessed with a very nice yard. All of those houses are brick, ours is the dumpy one on the block. The people before us did not take care of a thing. Nope, not at all, so we are stuck picking up the crap they left behind.

I really don't like working outside when it comes to working with Chuck. Do you see a trend here???? Working with Chuck stresses me out. And so I dreaded yesterday so very much. I just didn't know what he had in store for me.

We took off to Lowe's right after they opened and found some mulch. Now I had been thinking about the stuff that I would be happy with, something that won't require much trimming, and something that would look very nice. I spotted some really cute Blue Spruce type thingy, but that didn't impress Chuck. Ok, well find something else.

We looked and looked, and finally, I decided on 3 azaleas in 3 different colors.

And then Chuck, for some reason, wanted roses.

Great, a lot of work with those things, but they were pretty. And then we both decided on a cute little spruce tree.

Along with rose food, we came out of there under $65. But that doesn't mean the time that he had to get more mulch for the trees.

Ok,so we cleared the yard and trimmed trees.

That was a chore in itself! Granted the boys helped some, just not enough!

And then we laid the mulch all around the trees. I love the way the dogwood looks. The red makes the white flowers pop so much

I just love that tree. It came with the house, and I will not be taking it down anytime soon.

So, then we started to dig up roots and dig up the clay and dig all that we had to dig. I really hate yardwork. But we got done what we set out to get done.

While Chuck and Eric took off to Ace and Lowe's, I decided to dig more holes and to put the plants where I wanted them. Not where Chuck wanted them, they go where I want them. Only because I will be the one watering it all.

And then I thought that instead of ripping up around the lamp post

I would put some topsoil in there and plant my pole beans. Considering that both of my little gardens are quite full, I don't have the room to put anything else.Well, 80 lbs of topsoil doesn't go far, so I had to get some more today. I had Eric out there doing that, while PJ took off back inside when our backs were turned. And he knows that we won't go in with dirty shoes, the stinker took it easy.

We got everything planted, and was very concerned about the purple rose. It didn't want to come out of the container too easily, so cutting around the pot was going to have to happen. I got everything else out rather swiftly, and put them in the holes, I just had to wait on the top soil and more mulch. I really wanted to get it over with for the day. It was a very comfortable day, so I should have enjoyed the weather and the day all together.

I dug up a ton of daffodil bulbs and noticed that Eric ran over all of my irises. I just wanted to cry. They come back every year, and they are so pretty. But as Chuck was cutting the pine tree back some and I spotted the lone iris, white, all along the base of the pine tree.

The yard is looking better. There is still more money to spend, decisions to be made and planting to be done. Yes, I am very pleased with the outcome. So pleased that I crashed on my chair at 8:50.

Oh well, I ended up with poisen ivy and washed that down with bleach water. I will survive. There is more to do, and I will get to it when I have a chance.