Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas Letter

To all my dear friends and wonderful family,

This year has been an eventful one, to say the least. It was a year that I never even thought would ever happen. Really, it was fun.

First I need to send my apologies out to each one of you, I am very sorry I didn't get gifts in the mail this year for the holidays. With Chuck's surgery, my working a lot more hours than I am used to, PJ's Christmas Program, Eric's projects for school, and maybe just a little bit of down time, I didn't have the time to make the things that I wanted to make for each of you. Trust me, after the New Year, you will receive something in the mail. It will be like Christmas all over. I really am sorry, I thought I would find the time to do what I wanted to do, but lost all of it somewhere.

This year was hard on me. After losing my job of four years, searching and being rejected for all the jobs that I applied for, I went to work as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. If it wasn't for Chuck, I wouldn't have gotten that job either.

We took a nice long vacation to St Augustine and Daytona Beach. Spent the time relaxing and enjoying a very peaceful time as a family. It had to be the best vacation that we had together.

School started in August for the boys. Eric is now in the 7th grade and very successful in all of his school work. His next report card will be straight A's. We are so proud of him. PJ is in the 4th grade and doing ok for him. He knows that he can do better, but just doesn't want to do any more than what he has to do.

I have really enjoyed delivering pizzas. I discovered some excellent back roads of Bradley County. Beautiful places to take pictures, especially in the Fall. These old barns against the colors of Fall. It is so worth the ride that I get to go on all the time. I took the boys on a journey one day and they loved seeing the way that people live in the country.

Thanksgiving was wonderful as always. We spent it with Chuck's family. They all came over here and we ate and ate. The food was wonderful, the laughs were contagious, the love was all around, the conversations were endless. It is always a time for us to share time and treasures together.

This year we celebrated milestone birthdays with my parents. My mom turned 75 in January. I greeted her with "Happy 3/4 of a century birthday!" Luckily she is a good sport and didn't say much to me about it. But she is a treasure to all of us, the boys adore her. PJ can't wait to talk to his Grandma Letty. He thinks that she and Lenny are just too cool. My dad celebrated his 70th birthday in November. He keeps going and going, just like the Energizer bunny. He discovered a new hobby this year, bees. He loves going out there to take care of them. He had the best garden this year due to the bees. We traveled to just north of Newport TN to pick them up. That was an adventure! But he keeps his mind active, warding off old age I guess.

December 12th, Chuck and I celebrated 19 years from our first date. Wow~time does really fly!

As for me, well, I try to find the time to crochet, quilt and whatever else I try to find relaxing. I did take some time this year to write a children's book. Thankfully, the artist in the family, my mom, is doing the art work for me. PJ's Pillow is based upon our son, PJ. It is basically about him and his pillow.... Once I find a publisher, I will let everyone read it.

So, for us, we are well. We are healthy, thankful for the roof over our head, and in this dwindling economy, for the jobs that we have. We are thankful for our parents and our children. We have been blessed this year.

We look forward to a new year, leaving 2008 in the past, but taking the memories with us. We know that we all will turn a year older, another anniversary, and time with our families. We are so thankful for the friends that have come into our lives and the family that we hold so dearly.

May you be blessed and you have blessed us. Have a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

Chuck, Patti, Eric and PJ


Anonymous said...

Patti,i am a Chinese reporter,i google your article"My Christmas Letter",and want to translate it into Chinese to our reader,i need your permission,and want to know where are you?could you send me an,thank you very much.

Lisa said...

Patti, you haven't posted in awhile. Why why why? :) Get to posting!