Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Book Fair Madness

Every year I try to help out some at the school's Book Fair. I love going there, because, face it, I love books. And I want my kids to love books just like I do.

A few years ago, I helped out during one of the days. I got to run the register and help children find what they were looking for. I enjoyed it, I worked with another mother that is a friend of mine.

This year, with my easier schedule, I decided that I would help Tuesday night, the busiest for the Book Fair. Well, I get there and go behind to help the other with the register. I could add them up while she waits on the person in the front. Easy enough. But one mother decided she wanted to help with the register, since I have no clue how to run one (ok, whatever). And looks at me and tells me that I can clean up the messed up books and make sure no one walks out the door with a book. Can I do that, why sure I can... was I going to, no way.

The Mayor was reading to the children and I started walking around, fixing books with 2 other mothers and just watched as PJ listened to the Mayor read to them. I looked at a few books, looked at odds and ends, and when he got done, so did I. I told PJ that we were leaving. He had no problem with this. So, off to home we went.

Now, if this was the first time something happened, I wouldn't have said anything. In other blogs I have posted I mentioned about the time that I was stuck in another city with Eric and his football team. I was supposed to help out at the tent, but because of the delay in the game, I couldn't be there. Chuck did explain to them that I was in Charleston, and wouldn't make it back. He also offered to help them out in my place. They told him not to worry about, they would be ok. Before he was out of earshot, he heard them start talking about me. He went back to mention, again, that he would help. But that they didn't need to talk about me, it was circumstances beyond my control. They continued.

Two years later, another Fall Festival, I volunteered to help out with the class booth. It was kitchen duty. Ok, I don't mind, whatever I can do to help out, let me know. Well, I get there, and tell them I was there to help and what did I need to do. Another mother and I got on the line and out of no where here comes this one mother, "what do I need to do?" and they shoved her in between me and the other mother and told us that we can stand in the back and wait to help. Forget that, we left out the backdoor, never looked back.

This Fall Festival, I had to work. So, I didn't have to volunteer to help at all. But that didn't seem to be the end of it.

PJ made cookies for Halloween and the teacher fussed about it. That hurt his feelings. So, I don't want to cook for any of them ever again. For Christmas, I signed up for paper plates and napkins. I decided years ago that I won't make anything for the class because of the fact that there are so many allergies.

Well, while I was cleaning out the cabinets, I found a package of black paper plates and black napkins.I was gonna use them for Chuck's 40th birthday, but a wrench got thrown into that plan. Ok, I sent them to school for their party. I found out a few days later, they threw them out. They weren't "festive" enough for the mothers, they went out and bought the "festive" ones.

With the paper goods for school and the Book Fair garbage, I decided I had enough and that was all there was to it.

I don't look the part of the mother, I don't act the part either. I work as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut. I don't stay home with my kids, not that I wouldn't like that. Chuck doesn't make enough for me to stay at home, and I don't complain either.

Chuck had the opportunity to go to school for Donuts for Dads. Since he has decided to go into business for himself, he finally had the chance to do something like this. He got there and noticed something with this group of parents. Either you are well-off or you are right above the poverty level. Now, he could talk to either group, but finding a common place to talk to either group. There were only 2 or 3 of them that were standing by themselves. He went over and spoke with them for a little while and then left. He did speak with my former Pastor for a while, but he had to get home, so Chuck left too. He came home complaining about the cliques that the parents showed. And he commented that we never had this issue when Eric was in school.

It bothers me that this stands in my way to help out my child's class. It bothers me that they treat people this way, it bothers me that I am not good enough for them. I have delivered to some of these people, and they look at me and feel sorry for me. Like we are barely scrapping by. Like I can't find anything better than deliver pizzas. At least I have a job!