Thursday, February 5, 2009

I guess I will start with Christmas

Welcome to Christmas at our house!

Now this year, the cat didn't knock over the tree. First of all, we got rid of the piece of crap that she kept knocking over. And secondly, I bought a tree that had a better base on it, and it was prelit too! Saved me hours of 'stringing up the lights' (Twelve Pains of Christmas).

On Christmas Eve, it has been a tradition since Eric was young, for the boys to open one present on Christmas Eve. Usually they open the gifts from each other. But this year, I had picked the one that Eric should open. I was more excited than they were!

Now, as always, someone has to read " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas", the past few years it has been PJ. I enjoy having him read it and show the pictures too while he is reading. It is a bittersweet moment for me.

I sit back and look at the years that Chuck and I read the story on Christmas Eve. Sometimes it was "How Santa got his Job" or "Charlie Brown Christmas". But now that the boys are old enough, I want to enjoy the moment as long as I can. Now, as with every Christmas, I buy a new Christmas book, date them and bring them out during the holidays. The neighbor started me on that, and I like the thought. I have a variety of fun Christmas books.

Christmas morning in this house isn't like any other house. Trust me on this. The past few years we have had to wake the boys up. This year, Eric set his alarm clock. How funny is that! He didn't want to miss out on anything, I guess.

Well, since we changed the great room around, we didn't have the room for the tree in there. So, we had to put it in the living room. That is fine with me, I got to put it in the window. But, the gifts had to be transported from one room to the other. We really didn't think this out very well. But it was all part of the fun of the day.

Generally we have time to make a pot of coffee, not this Christmas, but I did make sure it got made up the night before and ready for the morning. Thankfully that was getting done.

This Christmas was a little less with the gifts, but the boys didn't mind much. Usually Christmas is huge around here. But since I lost my job, we had to cut back on some things. And some of it had to do with Christmas. My kids are not lacking for anything. They have all that they ever want in life, so I knew it wouldn't be that big of a deal if they didn't have an amazing Christmas, they knew the situation and they understood. We have great kids.

I love to buy books for the boys. I don't know why, but it may have something to do with me not getting any books while I was growing up. My dad never did buy me books, so it took me forever to sit down and read. I remember growing up and waiting for the Library Bus to come around.

PJ got an MP3 player,
Charlie Brown puzzle, several books, movies and gosh, I can't remember. Eric got books, an awesome wildlife bird puzzle, movies, and some games. But the big thing was the Wii. They got that with Mario Cart, the wheel and 2 other games. Along with another controller and another game.
I bought this back in May and was so excited to give it to them.

Eric's big thing was his telescope. Now, let me explain about this. He has wanted a telescope since he was in First grade. We told him, that if he came home with good grades that he would get a telescope. Each report card was not very good and each year we stuck to our guns. A telescope is an expensive item and we felt as if you have to earn it to get one. Well, we didn't realize that he had ADD until he got to Middle School, it was a battle with him all through Elementary School. Long story short, he got on medicine at the end of the 6th grade year, brought his grades up and continued to bring home excellent grades. It was time that we followed through and get him his telescope. My mom sent money, Chuck's parents gave some too towards it. And we searched for a good one that he could use for a long time. It was something that was very special and it was something well deserved.

As for Chuck and myself, we got things that were nice. Of course with Chuck's surgery before Christmas, I bought him a good pair of slippers. But I got him a nice UT jacket, Tom Brokaw book, toolbox and a few screwdrivers and some very good chocolate. No complaints there.

As for me, I got a gorgeous dress coat, some Estee Lauder perfume and makeup and a great lounge set. I also got an adaper to put my MP3 player in the car. Delivering pizzas, I need it. I love it. It is great, because I can charge the MP3 in the car. Sorry folks, no pics for you! I look rough first thing in the morning.

We stayed around the house for a while and then took off to the in-laws. Now, it used to be that we would do this day before Christmas, makes it easier on all of us. But we couldn't get a day for all of us to get together and make it work. So, we took off over there to open gifts. It was fun. I know it is harder on the boys to go over there on Christmas, but it is Christmas and we have time with the family. I guess it is fine with me, Christmas wasn't around all the cousins and family. It was my dad and me for a long time and then to him parents. And the day after Christmas was going up to New York to spend 2 weeks with my grandparents. I really enjoy this a lot more. The boys actually know who their cousins are. They just don't know it now, but they are so blessed. One day they will realize it.

Going out to the in-laws is actually fun for me too! I look back at the pictures of years past and laugh, look how much we all have aged or how the kids have grown up. I have gorgeous neices. Ok, they aren't my neices, but I claim them as mine. I have been a part of this family for 19 years. I was there when Chuck's sisters got married, I was there when Adrienne was born, and have been a part of their lives all these years. So, yes, they are just as much my neices as they are Chuck's.

These girls are wonderful girls. I love them to death. And although I haven't had the chance to do much with them. They are still my girls.

We drew names of the children for Christmas. We have to buy for 2, and that is a lot cheaper than buying for 3. But one more isn't that much either. So, this year I got Kaitlyn and Trey, brother and sister, polar opposites! But it was fun. Kaitlyn is Eric's age, Trey is just a year younger than PJ. So, for me to get to buy for a girl, that is a TREAT!

I bought a ton of makeup for her, how much fun was that! I had a blast! She also got a Webkinz and a few other small things. Now I didn't buy her Estee Lauder, but I did get her things that your everyday, typical 13 yr old girl would like. Lots of fun makeup!

Now as for my nephew, he was harder to buy for. I should have practice, but still, different tastes. Before Steve and Barry's went out of business I picked up some really nice baseball shirts. And then it was to search for some other things, and that is hard for an 8 yr old. But Aunt Patti came through, as usual!

I remember him going to his mom, 'look, I got 2 baseball shirts!' That tickled me.

Eric got a great UT picture! It was awesome! And it is hanging in his room today.

As for my in-laws, I gave them a basket full of stuff that I made over the summer. I canned a bunch of stuff, loved every minute of it too. But, since there was so much in the house, why not share!

Christmas was wonderful. I love each and every year I get to spend with the family. I miss my mom dearly. But that is part of me living down here. But Chuck's family is my family and I treasure the moments that I have with them.