Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Donation of Love

This is my friend James and my hairdresser LaVonda.

Now, I have been going to LaVonda for 7 years. She is a treasure and she treats me very well. I have trusted her with my curls for that long, the only one that I will let touch my locks. Maybe this is why James decided to see her too. I have sent several people to her and in return, I reap the rewards.

Many months ago, James asked who I would recommend to cut his hair. Now, in this picture you can't see all of his hair, and I mean ALL of his hair. He had these curls that anyone would just die for. Gorgeous hair, too gorgeous for a man to have. But he took care of them, he never looked like a mop and he was always very well groomed. He was also being cautious as to whom would cut his hair.

Over the months he let his hair grow and grow. I was amazed how long it had gotten. But there was coming a time that it was going to have to come off. He was accepted as a Military Chaplain, and you know what that meant. The hair was to be cut off.

I suggested to him who he should go to and I also mentioned that I wanted to be there. And when the time came for the cutting of the locks, I was present. Ready and waiting with my camera.

LaVonda measured his hair. She cut 10" in a pony tail but there was about 11" to 12" that he had to have cut off. Wow, I couldn't believe that! She put it in the ponytail and proceeded to cut. Ok, no one cried, but I knew that James was a little apprehesive about it. This was an experience for all of us.

And off it came. There was a lot there! But it was going to a good cause.

A while back, James decided to let his hair grow long enough to donate it to Locks of Love. How wonderful is that? He gave up beautiful curls for a child to have a wig. How giving, how very unselfish is that? And I was very proud to be there, to be able to watch the entire thing and to be a part of this.

I had to chuckle a bit when the clippers came out. It was rather weird to see his hair that short, for clippers to be that close to his head, but you have to do what you have to do. The military is a little picky about what they want on your head.

Wow, what a difference!

I was very impressed with the outcome. He looked wonderful, very handsome. And I am happy to know a young man that is so generous. He is following what he believes is the way to go. He donated a possession to a child that needs it more than he did. He was unselfish in his giving and will be rewarded greatly for the donation.

Now doesn't he look handsome? Yes, he does. And he has a spirit that matches. A giving soul. A tender heart.

LaVonda didn't charge him. She was honored to do it. I was honored to be there. It was a wonderful thing for all of us to experience.

Thank you James for your kind spirit. Your generosity. You are one of a kind and I, for one, have been blessed knowing you.


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