Monday, March 16, 2009

Boys and their Toys

I think the saying is true, "Whoever dies with the most toys, WINS!"

Ok, since Chuck and I decided that we were gonna start our own little business, the 'toys' have been accumulating. We bought a trailer, mower, some window cleaning supplies, and buckets. We have looked at backpack leaf blowers and new weed eaters too. But we came home the other day with a pressure washer. We looked over and over at these things. Chuck did his research and finally found the one that he wanted.

So, Saturday we head down to Northern Tool and he looks at all of them, me, I wander around the store looking at everything. He looks at this, talks to someone about that and then finally decided on the one that he wants.

Now, pay for it (ugh!) and load it up (ugh!). Go home and unload it (UGH!).

Chuck was putting it together, so I stayed inside until further notice. I know better, I will stay out of the way completely until all the mess is cleaned up and put away.

He gets everything up and running and realized that he didn't buy the hose to attach the wand to. Ok, so, go out to Ace and get something, but not the one that he wants. He gets home and gets started on the walkway.

So, of course, I have to try this out too. I never used one, so I might as well learn what to do. It wasn't too hard, but I did get soaked when I worked with this thing. And it is a lot of pressure to be holding for a period of time.

Well, don't you know Eric had to pop his head around the corner and see what was going on. "Can I try?" Ok, sure why not, it is only the walkway. Well, you have to understand Eric and the way he thinks. He has ADD, and only takes his pills during school days. Or when really needed at school. So, he get out there and starts out nice and slow.

And he does just fine for a few minutes, then he starts getting in a hurry. "Son, slow down. You are missing spot." "Oh, ok" and then he slows down, then gets in a hurry. It was fine, it was our walkway and he just wanted to try it out.

Chuck goes out there again, shows him what to do, how to move and how fast to go.

And we go through the same thing all over again. But no harm, no foul. He was curious on how it work and wanted to see what he could do.

Now the funny thing was watching PJ use this thing. Ok, when I have taken PJ to the carwash, I have literally seen him pull the handle and get lifted off his feet. This time was about the same. He is so small that any kind of pressure knocks him over. Too bad I didn't get any pics of that.

So, now to practice on our house, becasue we had a job on Monday to use this thing on, and I sure didn't want to ruin anything on someone's house.