Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making some more changes

My dad has written a book and I am proofing it for him. It is one of those healthy eating type books, you know, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat type book. It isn't too bad, very informative. Although I don't agree with all that it is in there, I don't have to, I did agree on one of the things he mentioned.

When we go shopping, it is best to stay around the perimeter of the store. You know, produce, meats, dairy. Stay away from the aisles of the rest of the foods. We all know that the boxed stuff has preservatives in them, and we all know, it isn't good for us.

So, this week shopping, I did just that. I stayed around the perimeter of the store. I only went down 2 aisles, bread and snacks. But the snacks I bought, a bag of peanuts in the shell.

I started out at the deli, as always, and got my lunch meat. Boar's Head, all natural lunch meat. No preservatives, no fillers, just lunch meat. Then I hit the produce, strawberries, grape tomatoes, cut up cantalope. So far, so good. Chicken was on the menu for dinner this week, picked up a whole chicken for .79/pound. On to the next area, dairy. Cheese, milk, sour cream, cream, yogurt (20 for $8.00). Picked up tortilla chips, only 3 ingredients and 2 loaves of bread. I was done.

Instead of hitting the aisles that have all the stuff in it. Instead of going up and down the aisles looking for stuff, I hit all around the store first. Before I knew it, I had everything I needed. Snacks as in strawberries, tomatoes, cantalope, peanuts and yogurt. I had all the dairy for breakfast and lunch. I had one dinner, that was all I needed for the week.

Check out and see what all this cost me this week. Well, it wasn't nearly as expensive as I thought it would be, $44.65 for everything. I did have to hit UGO for eggs, $1 a dozen, load up on them. Easter is coming you know! And a few more little things. All total for the week, $57 for my entire week. Without hitting the processed foods. Not bad, I think this is a change that we all can get used to!


Elaine said...

Thanks for posting this, Patti! I never thought of the grocery store that way, and it makes perfect sense!