Monday, April 27, 2009

Decision made

I have made a decision about work and this business and I have decided that I will be leaving Pizza Hut.

I have been having issues at work and I really didn't want to leave this soon after starting a business, but I have to.

I have good reasons why I should and one very good reason why I shouldn't.

I shouldn't leave because this is a new business venture and I am afraid of leaving us high and dry.

The reasons I should leave:

I haven't had a day off yet. And I don't foresee one anytime soon either.

The employees that I work with give me a hard time about everything. I am treated poorly there and don't appreciate the fact that no matter how hard I work, things don't change.

I have been taken advantage of from the moment I started working there. They call me to come in, I go. They ask me to stay, I stay. They need someone to fill in, I am there. In the beginning it was fine. I had to prove my worth to them, and I did. But when it got out of control, I couldn't take it anymore. I was there morning to night in some cases, closed when needed, opened when needed, cleaned all that needed to be done, scrubbed toilets and cleaned the bathroom. Enough is enough.

Our business venture is going quite well. Actually, we are at a point right now that we thought would be a few months down the road. Business is coming in, and we are staying very busy at the moment.

Now, just to let you in my world for the moment, so you understand where I am standing right now.
Today - Help a lovely couple in their yard (Will blog about that in a bit)
5:00 tonight, clean windows at a florist on the other side of Chattanooga
Tuesday - work 11-8, turn in 2 week notice, may be home early!
Wednesday - clean windows for realtor at 10 AM and I know there is something else there. Yep, forgot, clean windows at 2 local Pizza Huts
Thursday - Clean windows in Dayton at Pizza Hut.Mow a the yard from hell. Go buy me a new phone, trust me, this is a chore!
Friday - work 11- 4 or later if needed.
Saturday - we have 2 yards to help plant and clean gutters. I think Chuck and Eric will do that. I have to clean the windows at my Dad's house. He doesn't want to do them, he can, just doesn't want to. And he will pay me to do them for him.
Sunday - work, if I still am employed, 11 - 4
And then Monday it starts a new week and starts all over again.

We have 8 yards to mow as of right now. Looking at 9 and 10, wow! It took off faster then what we expected. I am excited about this.

Now, if I could sell something, I will be thrilled.

It is all working out for us. I am excited at what is front of us, I am not looking back. We made a decision and I am happy with the decision.


Elaine said...

I still believe that PH doesn't deserve a 2 week's notice. I know, I know, it's the professional thing to do, and that is the person you are, Patti. But honestly.......I think the sooner you get away from them, the better.