Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ugh! I hate windows!

No wonder people hate to clean windows, you can see every little bad detail on a clean window. And that happened to us.

Monday, Eric went to Dollywood, and we had a job at a florist on the other side of the river. So, PJ went to Nana's and Poppy's and went to work on someone's house.

We took off to the florist. Chuck takes the outside and I go in. But we can't work on the same window and the same time, so he told me to go down some. I messed up, I started on the window with the neon sign in it. Not good. I got severely fussed at by the owner. I didn't know. And I apologized for it too.

I washed my windows, but everytime I started to spray the windows and scrub, it would dry on the window. Not good!!!! The same thing happened with Chuck too, only worse.

I washed mine inside, washed the cooler doors, washed both doors, and then went back to help Chuck out. The 2 front windows were streaked, badly. And no matter what we did, it wouldn't come up. There was a film on the windows and we had to scrub them to get the junk off of them. We finally get them done and then go over to the sliding door. I scrubbed the inside, and Chuck scrubbed the outside. The stuff was in the middle of the 2 glasses and it wasn't coming off.

Chuck went inside and spoke to the owner and he basically told Chuck that the windows looked like shit and that the problem isn't with the middle of the glass but the crappy way we are cleaning them. So, back out to the windows we go and scrub more. Spray more, scrub, wipe down. Nope, it was in the middle of the glass and there was nothing we could do about it.

Chuck went on inside, I stayed in the truck. I didn't want to go back inside after the previous conversation. Chuck finally convinced him that the streaks and stains are on the inside and that we really can't do anything about it.

Finally we were going home. Not happy about the way the windows came out, but there was nothing to be done about it.

This morning Chuck gets a phone call, it is the owner of the florist. The windows on the other side of the building, where it was darker, looked really bad this morning. Streaked all over the place. Well, we couldn't see it and he apologized that they were like that and that we would come out in the morning and fix it for him. He said not to worry about it, we can get it next time.

We go back the end of May, first thing in the morning. If he was paying us every week to come out and do it, I would be there fixing it right away. But he isn't, this is once a month deal. We offered to fix it, but he said no. I don't want to hear anything bad about us, we tried to fix and we were told not to worry about it.

Chuck said when we left, "I forgot how very picky he really is!" I understand that we didn't do it right, we were there for 2 1/2 hours, the first time after a year of not being cleaned is hard. The owner mentioned to Chuck "The guy we had for years just decided not to come back." Huh, I wonder why????


Johanna said...

Am I missing something about being around the neon sign?

He sounds like a crusty man, which is the opposite type of personality I see working as a florist.

Sorry you had to be yelled at. That's not very nice at all.