Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A delightful couple

I now have time to expand about my hour or so with a very delightful couple, Mr. and Mrs. D.

Deacon, as he requested I call him, will be 89 in July. He is a WW2 veteran from PA, short man, long face, chucky, wears a red hat from Henegar AL., blue jeans and Tshirt. He has heart problems, so he works in the yard about an hour and then he is done for the day. He has also had his heart shocked twice this year.

Mrs. D, I am not sure of her age, but she is right there with him. She is from Alabama, a bit taller than her beloved, sweet talking, tender hearted woman. She wants to work in the yard more, but because of heart issues, she can't do much either.

I spoke with both for a little while and found out about them. And I can't wait to talk with them more.

They met in Chickamauga during the war. And for 3 years they were apart, but stayed in touch. After the war, they married and moved to Pennsylvania. After all their years together, he got tired of the snow, she got tired of the cold, so they moved to town, to their son's home, 6 years ago and have been here ever since.

Deacon shouted over to me, "You don't mind me calling you Lakehurst, do you?"
"No sir, that is fine with me."
"Ok, you have a new nickname. Everytime you come over here, you call me Deacon, and I call you Lakehurst."

That is fine with me, if that what it takes for him to remember something about me, then he can call me that.

He and I were talking about the Amish community on the other side of the county. He was telling me all that they have out there, about the shed that he bought out there, no electricity, everything with horse and buggies, and then he said, "Now, don't you wear no shortie shorts out there when you go." HA! Like I have to worry about that. I told him that I don't wear that out there, I know how they are and that I am too old for something like that anyways.

His bride mentioned that she finally bought a crockpot. And Chuck was telling her how she can cook sweet potatoes in the crockpot. Well, she was thrilled. And then I told her that we use ours all the time and that I will be glad to share simple recipes with her. Deacon looked at me, "Oh you have a crockpot?" "Yes sir, I have 2." "You have 2? Wow! The kind that the pots come out of?" "Yes sir, that is the kind I have." "Oh, and you have a garden?" "Yes sir, I have that too and I can my veggies and fruits over the summer." "Wow, I really like you Lakehurst!" I couldn't help but smile.

Mrs. D asked Chuck how long he and Eric will be out there on Saturday. He told her that it would probably be about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. "I do believe I can find a few other things for you to do."

When I was moving the rose to the fence, Deacon asked his wife where it was going. She told him that I was putting it by the fence. "The fence that I just paid to get cleaned?" "No, Bob, the other fence." "Oh, that is good, I don't want to clean that fence again."

Right before we left, Deacon asked his wife if she had paid us yet. "No Bob, they will be out Saturday, I have lots for them to do Saturday and then I will pay them." "Oh, ok, just want to make sure."

"Hey Lakehurst, you want some Hostas?" "That will be fine sir." "Okay, I will have them for you Saturday."

What a darling couple! I can't wait to go back and find out more about them. He made me smile and laugh, a lot! And she is just as precious as can be.