Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Chuck's Valentine's Day Surprise

Let me start off that Chuck hates Valentine's Day. To him it is just another day for the florist, candy people and Hallmark to make more money. He doesn't send flowers on Valentine's because they do cost a fortune. He will buy a card and, like last year, make a dinner. But he has to work today until 8, and he is planning on a very busy day at work. So, I know that I won't get anything from him. BUT PJ has something from school for me. So, that will work.

A few years ago I sent him some tulips from ProFlowers. Those suckers cost me a small fortune. And really, they don't last long enough to justify the cost. So, I really don't buy flowers anymore. They may seem romantic at the time, but really now, the price is just outrageous.

This year I got a little creative. I think that when you make something it means more to the receiver than spending the money on them. Yes, I would love, and I MEAN LOVE, to get a delivery today. But I know I won't. I may not even get a card.

So, in this bouquet I have hearts, dozen roses and chocolate dipped strawberries. I bought the bow and then got home and realized that it wouldn't go all the way around. Ok, now what. I put my little brain to work, and came up with this. One ribbon through the hole in the bottom of the pot, one over the top, and tie in the middle. And then I had to cut that green foam to get it to fit in the pot. That was a mess, just an outright mess. But I got it all in there.

I orginally had the roses wrapped in the thinner gold foil, but a dozen roses wrapped in foil was a little too much, along with hearts too. Nope, I did not like it, I was not happy with it either. So, I just cut some press and seal and wrapped them in that. You can see the color better anyways.

That is my gift to my honey this year. I didn't spend that much on it, cost doesn't matter. It is a gift from the heart. Now, I get to deliver it to work. That should be fun. I know the reaction that I will get from him. And it is all worth it!


K E Alexander said...

How sweet!! Literally!!!