Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Valentine's Idea

I love to do things for the family for Valentine's Day. Of course I live with a grouch who believes that Valentine's is just another day for people to buy cards and to buy roses, diamonds and whatever else you can think of Valentine's Day. Me, on the other hand, well I just love it because it is a way of expressing my love towards the family.

A few years ago I had 25 tulips delivered to where Chuck was working at the time. He didn't expect that, sorta surprised him too. But he did appreciate the thought. He also got picked on from the employees. That is just something that you put up with. Last year, I didn't do much for him, only because it snuck up on me and I nearly forgot about it. With PJ playing basketball and things with church and Eric, I just lost track of the days. But we did have a very nice dinner that Chuck had prepared for me. The boys ended up eating before I got home so that way Chuck and I had a nice candlelight dinner, alone.

This year I started planning sometime last week or so for something for Chuck. Now he has to work that day, so for me to do something for dinner would not be possible. And flowers are just so stickin' costly, that I hate to waste the money on them and they be dead shortly thereafter. I heard advertising on the radio for some place to deliver cookie bouquets, that was a thought. But the cost of the delivery for subpar cookies is not something that I really want to pay for either. Then it came to me, I can do this myself. So I started out with the thought of making cookies and maybe something else in a flower pot would be nice. Well, to make things when Chuck is home is not possible, so on top of doing the odd jobs in the house this weekend, I had to make some of the things for this little project of mine.

I eventually got all that I needed and I thought that a dozen roses would be nice. And this is what I came up with:

So I decided that the roses in a pot along with some other things would be really sweet. A lot cheaper than flowers and he can share them with others too.

Now, I am not done thinking. The local store has strawberries out now. And I just adore strawberries. Love them too! But I am buying strawberries, dipping them in chocolate, putting the lollipop stick in the top and put them in the flower pot too.

I will wrap the pot with the clear plastic and then tie it with a bow. Deliver it on the lunch hour and come back to work. Cost? Maybe about $25. It might be a little more than that. But not much more.

Now PJ is still at the age that they pass out the little Valentine's cards. Remember those? I loved them! And now that I still have one that gives them out, I love them even more. It is fun to pick out the cards and watch them fill out the cards. And of course the box that they have to go in.

PJ came home the other day telling me that he had to have a box. I knew that. It was just finding a box for him. The one that I had was too big and I didn't have the paper to cover it. And then I spotted it, the empty tissue box, PERFECT!

I figured out a way to cover it, cut the hole out and decorate it. Now, I have a ton of scrapbooking stuff so I didn't have to buy anything to do this box.

PJ added a few things to it and in the long run we were both very pleased with the finished product. It doesn't take a lot of money to do something like this. Just a little creativity. You know that some will come to school with boxes covered with lace and other things. I would rather have something simple and cute.