Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Fond Memory

Growing up I clearly remember having to be packed to my mother's parent's home at least 3 times a year. This went on until I was old enough to decide if I wanted to go or not. I say up until I was 15 I would be up there 3 times a year. Easter break, summer break was for 3 weeks at a time, and Christmas break, the entire 2 weeks. They never came down to see me, they would visit my mom's grave, 2 miles from the house, and then not stop and see me. Oh well, they saw me 6 weeks a year, that was enough for me anyways.

Once a year we would go to this one restaurant that I just loved going to. It was the best food that a 9 year old would eat. Yankee Potroast, Leg of Lamb with mint jelly, and a bakery to die for. It was one trip that I would look forward to, and oh how I loved going there.

Recently I have found this picture of my grandmother and me. It was taken on Aug 14, 1976 at The Milleridge Inn located in Jericho NY. This place has been around forever. Ok, it opened in 1672, and I looked it up today, it is still standing. I glanced through the menu, and all the wonderful memories of my childhood came rushing back. I was able to dress up in my frilly dresses. The ones that I couldn't wear at home. I was able to act like a little girl should, I was allowed to escape and to be someone else, other than poor pitiful Patti.

I would hve all kinds of places that I would visit when I was with my Aunt. She made me go to the ballet, I saw Baryshnikov dance. I got to visit the Guggenhiem Museum, Museum of Natural History, I shopped at Sak's Fifth Ave. I ice skated in Rockafeller Plaza. I saw the angels down Broadway, been to the top of the Statue of Liberty, Twin Towers, and Empire State Building. I hated every second of it growing up. I thought that I would be around there forever and see it all the time. Now, I appreciate all that. I treasure every memory that I had growing up in NY.

I got on the website for The Milleridge Inn, it hasn't changed at bit. It looks the same, like I remember it many years ago. Stop by and visit the site, peruse the menu, look at the pictures of the bakery and all of the wonderful things that they have there.


K E Alexander said...

What wonderful memories! Maybe you should think of scrapbooking this....