Friday, May 1, 2009

I knew this was gonna happen sooner or later

What a day I have had!

First of all, I am so thankful that a Higher power was watching out for me. Because I don't know what kind of frame of mind I would be right now.

As you all know I have turned in my notice and next Friday is my last day, it can't come soon enough. Especially after what happened today.

My Pizza Hut where I work was robbed at gun point in broad daylight. I was on a double run, so I was out. Thank God!

I got back to the store and the door was locked, and I was greeted with this, "We just got robbed Patti." Great! I just missed all of this by 2 or 3 minutes.

The guy came into the store, only an hour after it opened, there was nothing in the register at that time of day. But he demanded that the register got opened and the safe too. The other guy there today, which he usually isn't, was training for a manager's position. It was a good thing he was there, I would be scared to think what I would have walked in on.

But I got my stuff, and the police came in, and I left. When I got back, the store was full with people. And I spoke with the one guy as to what happened.

The robber put a gun in my bosses face and demanded that the safe was to be opened because there wasn't enough in the register for him. They parked their car in front of the store, so manager could identify the car, and he took off to the car and out of the parking lot.

The police were called and they had already apprehended the criminal. But it wasn't an easy fight, the police were shot at, and they returned fire. They also caught another person involved in this too. On the interstate with spike strips.

The other 2 employees went home. I finished out the day. I got a little rattled, but I was fine enough to work. I knew they were caught, I knew they were in jail, and I knew that most of the time, they don't hit the same place twice if they weren't caught.

I received a call from school. Eric's school was in lockdown. They announced during a small party that all students needed to go back to the classroom. And then when they got back, they announced that the local Pizza Hut was held up by and armed man. Eric said that he didn't get shaken up too badly, but he is day was pretty much shot. He got off the bus and immediately questioned his daddy, "Mommy ok?" Chuck told him that I was, but he told him that if I was involved, he would have been taken out of school. Better self control than me!

My boss is shaken up badly, and the other employee is taking a day or two off. The other employees of the store are really shaken up too. They weren't there, neither was I, but they have no reason to be afraid. This is only the second robbery in a matter of 6 years in this area.

I called Chuck as soon as I heard and told him that I wasn't there. He was relieved that I wasn't there. And if I was there, I would have been home shortly after I had the chance to leave. I told the one guy, I would have left the uniform behind and told them that I was going home and not coming back.

It isn't safe to work in places like that anymore. We don't have video cameras hooked up, we don't have alarms set up, we don't have any of that stuff. You would figure in this day and time that Pizza Hut and all their money would try to have a safer work environment. But they don't, and it is too bad.

I am so thankful that His eye is on the sparrow and He watches over me.

I have had other things happen to me working there, it is time that I get out of there.

I can only pray that Chuck and I get enough business to keep us busy, to provide for the rest of the year, that way if we want to work in the Fall and Winter we will. If not, something will come along.


Elaine said...

I am soooooooo glad you weren't there! Unbelievable the nerve of those thieves. In broad daylight. Parking right in front. Well, nerves or just absolute idiots. Probably idiots.

I'm just glad you're ok. yet another good reason to quit.