Friday, May 22, 2009

A blog about Eric

I blog so much about us and myself, that sometimes I need to blog about one of the boys.

Now, don't get me wrong, I am so very proud of both of my blessings. But every-once-in-a-while, I have to brag on either one of them. Today is Eric's turn.

Yesterday he got home from school and handed me a piece of paper, "you don't have to go if you don't want to."

"You are cordially invited to the 7th Grade Honors Program recognizing the academic acheivement of your CMS student"

What, what, what???? Eric is recognized for his academic acheivement? Are you talking about my son? Are you sure you have the right Eric Hall?

In all fairness, I am kidding about the above statement, but he is being recognized for his academic achievement.

Now, most of you are family or friends and you all know what we have been through with Eric in school.

He was held back in Kindergarten, we decided this was the best thing for him. His fine motor skills leaved little to be desired, he couldn't cut with scissors the right way, he couldn't cut with a knife for the longest time, he had problems with his printing skills.

He also struggled through 3rd grade, he ended in Summer school that year. He barely made it through 4th and 5th grades. He was in Resource because they thought he was slow.

Chuck and I argued back and forth that he was ADHD. Chuck thought it was a behavioral problem, a discipline problem. We tried everything with Eric in elementary school for him to do well. We offered him money, camps, games, whatever it took, we tried it. The teacher in 5th grade mentioned that he was ADHD, but Chuck didn't want him on medicine to help him out.

Eric would get distracted in school so easily. Tear papers, tell jokes for answers, make a mess, fool around with his desk. He did it all, and it was still a battle to get Chuck to realize that Eric needed something to help him out.

This time last year, I decided that I was tired of the bad grades, C's and D's and F's was all Eric could produce. He tried and still missed work, forgot to hand things in, sloppy work, didn't have enough time to distract the class and distract himself. I convinced Chuck that he needed to be seen by a pedatrician. And I did just that.

Eric's last progress report was C - F. He was going to fail a few classes if we didn't do something about it. I took him to the Dr's about 3 weeks before the end of school. He got started on medicine right away. That was a Wednesday, Saturday he was sitting at the table doing school work that wasn't due for another week.

Eric's last report card in 6th grade consisted of B's and C's. No F's, no D's.

This year, every progress report and report card that Eric has brought home has been mostly A's. First report card, 6 A's, 1 C, second report card, 6 A's, 1 B (Silver Honor Roll), third report card, 6 A's, 1 C. His last progress report, 6 A's, 1 C.

I am so proud of him. I am so proud of how far he has come. From the little boy that could not figure out how to hold his scissors to this. From that little boy that struggled to walk down the stairs the right way, to receiving an academic achievement award. From that little boy that had to be in Resource all through elementary school, to someone that will be in Advanced Engineering Tech.

Yep, I am so proud of him. He has worked so very hard to get to this point.

When we were at his cousin's HS graduation, he asked about the gold sash that some of the students were wearing. I explained to him that it was honor's sash. The students that graduated with honors, the students that had A's throughout HS. He looked at me and said, "I am gonna get that. I am gonna be the one up there giving a speech." What a goal to reach!

Yep, that is my son! He is winning an award! Not for helping his teacher every morning, not for being a pleasant student, it is for an academic achievement!

Wow! He has come so far!

I love you Eric, I am SO PROUD OF YOU!


Elaine said...

YAY ERIC!!!!!!! Patti, you have every right to be a proud mama. That is soooooo exciting!!! And I'm very proud of Eric for setting himself a goal. He is motivating himself now, and that is better than any other motivator! YAY!!!!!