Saturday, May 16, 2009

New Mattress

Oh what a day we had before Mother's Day!

We bought a new mattress after 10 years. It was about time, and although I didn't want to spend the money, we had to. It was time.

We bought our last mattress when I was pregnant with PJ. It had been moved 2 times since and it was starting to show funky little signs of being worn out. Sagging in some areas, lumps in others, oh wait, that sounds like me. Ha Ha! Nope, that was the mattress.

We decided to buy a newer foam type mattress, it is not a Temperpedic, but it is a nice foam mattress. And it isn't too bad either.

We went ahead and purchased the mattress and then the fun began. We moved the bunk beds out of PJ's room and we ended up taking apart the bottom bunk apart because we couldn't get down the hall and into the living room. That went to a friend of ours that wanted bunks for her daughter. Moved our old mattress in PJ's room, which that filled it up, and then got ours.

Now let me explain something here, we have a 4 post cherry bed and itself is way off the floor. But when you add a new mattress to it, well, it comes up to my waist, and I am 5'5". NOT GOOD !

I looked at it and thought on how was I going to make this bed and how am I going to get in this bed. It wasn't easy and of course getting out and then back in after going to the bathroom isn't easy, but oh, it sleeps so nicely.

Life isn't all that bad when it comes right down to it.....