Sunday, May 3, 2009

It finally hit me today

I was at work today and a realization came over me that made me cry.

Can you imagine being at school and you hear over the intercom that a place where your parent works had just been robbed?

What would go through your head?

This happened to Eric on Friday. He heard that the Pizza Hut where I was working that day, was robbed at gunpoint. He stayed as calm as he could through the day, never said a word to anyone, didn't show any fear at all, just went on through the day like any other day.

I don't know what I would have done in his position. He maintained calm and collectiveness until he got home. It was then he showned some emotion and concern.

I really didn't think about calling school to let him know that I was alright. I didn't think that the school would announce something like that either.

I was at work today explaining the the manager on duty, that although I wasn't there at the time, I still was scared. I started to cry when I realized the pain that my son must have felt when he heard the announcement. I cried because I would hate to see their life without me in it. It finally hit me today when I had to talk to someone, other than Chuck and the boys, about this.

In all the years that I worked front desk in offices, I have never been put in a position like that. And in 16 years that the store has been open, my boss had never been robbed, ever.

The world is changing so fast. The amount of robberies have quadrupled since the first of the year. People have no money, they have no jobs, they have nothing left. So, they turn to this. Why? Because maybe they want to provide for a family, maybe they need food, maybe they don't know any better.

All I know is this, I am getting out at the right time. I have to provide for my family and I will be glad to work as hard as I can to do that.

Friday was an eye-opener for me. My family comes first, a job is not worth being killed over.