Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All of my work on Sunday

Sunday at 6:15 I was up, ready for a cup of coffee, sit in the chairs and watch the sunrise. And in that order, that is exactly what I did. We decided that nothing was gonna be done on Sunday.

Our experience here, 5 years ago, was outstanding. We enjoyed it so much that we did decide to come back. The continental breakfast consisted of pastries, croissants, cereal, fruit, bagels, bread and donuts, coffee, tea, cocoa and flavors for the coffees. This time, donuts and fruit, coffee, 1 kind of tea and cocoa. That was it, so, breakfast wasn't what we thought it was gonna be. Really, nothing to write home about. The coffee was ok at best, and we were slightly disappointed with the selection. But it is free, so can't complain too much.

The room was a little smaller than what we thought, but it is separate from the rest, more like a cabana. We both thought it was gonna be too small, but it has worked out nicely, we aren't in the room enough to even notice the size. The window in the living room faces the ocean, so, that is a lovely sight to see.

We took a ride to Wal-Mart, missed it, got directions and turned around, discovered exactly where it was. We did our shopping and headed back to the hotel.

I love the fact in the room that we can open the blinds, look over the ocean, look at the pool and type away. Watch the boys in the chairs while they sit outside the window is a plus too.

Chuck wanted to buy me a new swim suit. But I think I would rather have had my teeth pulled or even an OB/GYN exam. Really now, buying a new swim suit is not something that I enjoy to do. And trying them on, well, I would rather be dead.

Ok, I know that I have lost several inches in my waist, bras are looser too, so I thought buying a new suit wouldn't be too much torture. What the hell was I thinking???? I was really, REALLY wrong.

I like the tankinis. They are cute. They cover what I feel needs to be covered. And I found one that I really liked, plus, it covered all that I know that needed to be covered. Still it was torture to stand in a changing room and try those devilish things on. I did find something that was a tankini, with a beach cover. Not too bad.

I took out my contacts and hit the beach with the boys. Chuck twisted his knee while in St Augustine, so I figured that I could go to the beach and the pool while he rested his knee, and wrapped it too. Walking in the sand would not be good with a weak or twisted knee.

The boys and I headed to the beach. The weather was great, the waves were perfect, the sand was HOT. But it was perfect, it was great, it was wonderful.

I haven't played in the ocean in years. I got sucked in an undertow when I was in 8th grade and it sticks with me until this day.

PJ got knocked down several times, it was worth it.
But it was great to see the boys out there in the water, enjoying it. We don't get this all the time, and this is a treat to them. For all of us, I love the time that we have here.

They had enough of the sand, so the pool was the next stop. We spent about 2 hours in the sun, and I felt as if the sunscreen was wearing thin. So back to the shade or to the room we headed. I was turning into a prune anyways, so I had to go inside.

Chuck and I decided that cooking was something that we really cook very much. I cook so much at home, that cooking on vacation isn't something that I want to do, we come here to rest, not to cook for the boys. Not this time, no major cooking! Easy cooking, easy grilling, easy clean up. Grills are available to us here, so we use them. Hot dogs, cooked shrimp for dinner, sandwiches for lunch and free breakfast is what we decided on.

After dinner we all went to the beach. I love it when there is no one there, or a large number of people there.

The sun isn't as hot as what it was, the tide is low, the sand is cool. It is something we all enjoy doing.

Chuck came out with us.
It was nice to get him out there for a while. I have the chance to snap some shots
while they were in the water.

Well, we were more tired than we all thought, we were in bed and asleep by about 10.