Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So you want to leave tomorrow?????

This was the quote that I received from my beloved, Chuck on Thursday night, before vacation.
Now every year, except when we went to Pigeon Forge, he has threatened to leave a day early. Only who knew that he was serious? Not meI
Considering that I am not working right now, it wouldn't have made adifference when we left.
After all day away from home on Thursday, I still had things to do to get done before we left. Not much, but enough to keep me busy most of Friday morning. Mind you, I already offered to make homemade buttermilk biscuits for Chuck's work. Still hd wash to do, Eric had to mow, sympathy card to pic up, pack the cooler and finish packing the suitcase.
Chuck got home and called his boss to aske permission to leave around 11 on Friday. Permission granted. Oh boy, I have things to get done.
Boys anted to play LIFE, and this particular game took forever. Chuck was trying to explain what we were gonna do, what time we needed t get up and what time we were planning on leaving on Friday.
Once I got done, I got to working on all the things that I could get done, clean sink, sort clothes, and get the cooler ready.
So decision made, we planned on leaving Friday morning at 11:30.
To be continued, same website, same author.
My apologies for any misspelled words, I am sitting in a hotel in St. Augustine on my phone.
Look out beach, here I come!