Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Friday is upon us

I didn't sleep well Thrusday night - Friday morning. My head was spinning. Chuck got up to go to the bathroom at 3, and we laid there for about an hour before either one of us fell asleep. Chuck left he room at 5:20, and I wasonly hoping to sleep another hour. It happened, 6:18, I was rolling out of bed. I got the biscuits started. Ended up maing 27 biscuits, sent over homemade strawberry freezer jam and kiwi jam for everyone at work.
Now let's get the day going. Took the biscuits to Chuck, get catfood or my dad would forget. Take Eric to mow the yard. Get the portable DVD player, see how Eric is doing. He killed the mower, run home and get the snips, get the mower started, get PJ, go here, go there, check on Eric again, finally finished (wet grass bogs down the mower). Stop at Hallmark and FINALLY home. Only to meet up with Chuck 10 minutes after I walkedin the door. I still hadn't had breakfast. I also had to make sure the gardens were saturated, water the herbs, get the catfood put up, or she would have found a way into the 18 lb bag and start loading the car. He was serious!
11:15 we are making a left out of the drieway.
We are planning to stop in Jacksonville tonight. And then tomorrow, leave early so I can finally see historic St Augustine.
Vacation has finally begun and I am so looking forward to this time away.
Yes, we stiill have our phones and a computer. So we don't really escape from life, but over 500 miles away from home is an escape enough for me.