Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our drive through Georgia

I don't believe Georgia is as bad as driving through Virginia, but it runs a close second.
I guess I have to say that we entered Georgia at noon and left right at 5. The state south of Macon is rather ugly. But no where near as ugly as lower Alabama. The trees there are basically sticks attempting to survivie.
I am not a person that likes any kind of traffic. So Atlanta for me is, well, not for me. Every time we drive through there, I am white knuckled, headback, eyes closed. And God forbid if I had to drive through there myself. Now, generally, I don't drive the speed limit, not even close. But these idiots in Atlanta don't know a number close to the speed limit.
Of course the boys love Atlanta. GA Tech, Turner Field, Turner Broadcasting System and all of those stations. For me, just another large city that I prefer to stay out of. PJ loved watching the planes come in for a landing.
Living in Cleveland, well, the boys don't experience the things that I did growing up. And to see the joy and excitement maes vacation all worth it.
Chuck wanted to stop for lunch just south of Atlanta. The exit he chose was quite difficult to navigate, but we finally ended up at McDonald's. Not what i wanted, but it was either eat or starve.
Ok, now I am slightly picky about where I pee. Ladies, you know what I am talking about here.
I go into the Ladies room in the McDonald's, and one seat was covered wirh pee. Nice! Thankfully, the other was clean. Or I wouldn't have gone. I told the woman tha was taking the trash out and she just shrugged me .
Riding in the MB wasn't all that bad. Better than I thought it was gonna be.
Heading north bound all the troopers were pulling people over. 5 in a row actually. Not as bad as PA, they will pull 10 over at a time. They point and pull over and start writing tickets.
But Chuck knew the area and he knew where the traps were at. We ould watch them speed by and then a few miles down the road, pulled over.
We are crature of habit, I think we all are in some ways. Five years ago we stopped at a CITGO for gas, well, we hit the same place again on this trip. Same exit, same gas station.
Potty break, fill up, get water, stretch legs. Told the boys not to touch anything in the bathroom, wash their hands when the got done. And for me, well, there was a wait for a spot. Only to find a pee covered seat. Hell far women, if you have to stand to pee either A) you are paranoid or B) you are in the wrong bathroom. This time I came prepared, clorox wipes in hand. People are nasty.