Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Saturday was wonderful!

We drove to St Augustine on Friday instead of Jacksonville. We took the bypass around the city and realized that the next several exits didn't have a place to spend the night. The one last exit that we looked at had lodging, inland St Augustine. We found a nice Comfort Inn and decided to spend the night.

For dinner we found a NY style pizzeria for dinner, yes, I know that I can have pizza all I want, but this is NY style pizza with pesto garlic bread, I can't get that all the time. Yes, it was worth it. It hit the spot!

I was up at 6:15 looking for coffee. Chuck was up too, so we headed to the continental breakfast and got some coffee. We sat outside on Friday night for Chuck to stretch his legs. I noticed some very nice gazebos, commented to him that he could have picked a more romantic spot, he wasn't looking for romance though!

While out on Saturday morning, over looking the lake, one of the employees asked if we had seen the gator. Nope, not yet. Go get the binoculars Patti and start scanning the lake. And sure enough, there was the nose of a gator, right there in the middle of the lake. And if you watched it carefully, you could see it pop up again and again.

Chuck woke the boys up for breakfast. Those continental breakfasts aren't too bad. We all enjoyed the meal, Belgium waffles, egg, ham, toast, coffee and juice.

Got ready and on the road again…..

I asked about getting on the interstate again, and he said "we have seen all the interstate has, let's go this way." Beautiful ride to Historic St Augustine.

I didn't know where I wanted to go, so we parked and started our 2 ½ hour walk. So we parked and started walking.

Of course the Fort would be one place. We went there and it wasn't a very good walking tour, but you get what you pay for. Walked along the Battery and then cut across to the walking mall. Lovely little shops and very nice places to eat. The breeze was blowing, the shade was cool, the smells were divine, the walk was refreshing.

We walked to the end of St George St and found a little place, JJ's Heritage Café, for lunch. Those little places that are off the beaten path are the best. You know the places that you have to order at the counter and wait for it to be served. I had to be odd man out and order the chicken cordon bleu on a Kaiser roll. Outstanding! Well worth the walk to get to it.

While in St Augustine, I wanted to get to the lighthouse. Now, I don't collect anything, don't really care about it either. I don't hunt out lighthouses to take pictures, but if I am in the area, I will go and see one. I think they are lovely to look at and the history behind them are amazing.

I love this mighty oak. A mighty oak doesn't grow straight up, they grow out, the protect the land that surrounds them by growing outwards. I love the way this one grows.

I mentioned about taking A1A all the way to Daytona Beach. We had enough of the interstate on Friday. So A1A it is! Traffic for a few minutes was bumper to bumper. But that cleared up shortly. Then Chuck read the sign, Daytona Beach 43 miles. Ha ha, 43 miles on a 2 lane road with speed limits fluctuating. But, since we left a day early, we had the chance to do something different.

We got to Shoreline at 2:30, a little early. But we got to our room and we got settled for the night. Of course the boys had to hit the pool and then the beach. We figured since they are a little older they can go out a little more than what they did before. Trust me, I have the binoculars!