Monday, October 27, 2008

A few more work funnies

A while back I posted a couple of work funnies. Johanna got the biggest chuckle out of me spliting my pants the 2nd or 3rd week on the job. Yes, it was funny, and embarrassing, but no one knew anything, so I was safe. My dad delivered my pants to work and I kept on going.

So, I have been compiling many work funnies over the past few months and I hope you enjoy some of the funnies that I have done, go ahead, laugh at me, it is ok. But laugh at some of the other things too, things that happened to me, things that I have seen, and some things that I shouldn't have seen.

I deliver to people that have dogs. It is just part of the job. I got to this one house and I noticed little Scotties on the porch. I thought, "how cute, this one has Scotties." I rang the doorbell and this huge bark came out from the other side. Usually I don't mind dogs, but when you aren't expecting a large dog, it is rather frightening. The glass storm door was shut, but the other door was wide open. Here comes running a Boxer, lands on it's butt, slides to the door and barks. I jump back about 10 feet, scared me half to death. The woman came outside, "Oh, you are not scary." Oh yes she was. I usually don't have problem with dogs, this dog was sweet, but it still scared me. Meanwhile, the dog is at the door, looking at me, drooling, and I know it was laughing at me.

There was this time, that I thought was rather different. I was delivering to a well-to-do area. Most of those people do not have numbers on the house or on the box for that matter either. Makes it really difficult to find the right house. Of course this one particular day, I went to the wrong house, should have been the neighbor's house. I got there, rang the doorbell and the woman came to the door. She pays me, and we got to talking and I walked off with the pizza. She laughed so hard, she gave me a bigger tip. She said, "I think you forgot something!" Yep, I sure did....... Oh well, you do the job and see how well you do.

I am glad that I waited until this week to post this, because I would have missed this one. I was on my way back from a run, sitting at a light. The other side light changed and the motorcyclist took off, running on one wheel, flying down the road. Right by the gas station, Dr's office, carwash, whoops, I guess he missed the police officer sitting right there. I know better not to speed down that road. He did too, just thought showing off would be cool. I drove by him as he was pulled over. Saw him at the light on my next run. I was looking at him, shaking my head, "83 in a 45", "Dude, what were you thinking?" "I wasn't thinking" Found out that it will probably be a $300 ticket and could lose his license. Not funny for him, funny for me though.

Last Sunday I was working. I took a delivery to another nice area of town. Knocked on the all glass door, no answer. About 2 minutes later here comes this very nice looking young, healthy man walking by me, NAKED! He looked out the door, covered up, WHOA! 2 steps back and out of sight. Now, this doesn't phase me anymore, I have seen it all, heard it all, and nothing really bothers me. I stood there, waiting, waiting, waiting, finally he came to the door. "I didn't hear the doorbell" "Um, there isn't one." He looked outside, "Well, I was in the shower anyways." No, really, I think I could have figured that one out. People that have glass doors should not walk around naked, especially when you order pizza. The heck with throwing stones in a glass house.

The next delivery after that I had a credit card slip, but I forgot my pen. This man asks, "If we can't find a pen, can I sign in blood?" "Sure, I don't care as long as you don't forget the tip." The other guy that was there with him, watching the game, "Um, that was a little awkward." "Nope, nothing is awkward for me anymore." And it really isn't.

The real funny thing is, I had to deliver to naked man again yesterday. I laughed when I saw the ticket, shook my head and walked out. Told my boss as I was leaving that this was naked man's house. She got a kick out of it and told me not to stay too long. He was fully clothed this time, told me that he was putting the tip on the card. I looked at him and told him, "I got the tip last week, but you can put one on there." He turned beet red, he remembered me.

That is all for right now. I have more, but I had to end with the one about the naked man. Nothing can top that one. It was too funny for me, too embarrassing for him.

Enjoy, laugh at me, laugh at what happened, oh, just laugh!


Elaine said...

Oh that is funny, especially when you had to go back to naked man's house. I bet he was sooooo embarrassed!!!!!