Friday, October 10, 2008

I don't understand

What don't I understand? Well, it isn't about the economy or the election. It isn't about world issues or things like that. It is simple, it really is, why is it that people can't make a healthy meal for dinner?

I was talking to Chuck last week about dinners and that I was getting tired of the same things, burgers, hotdogs, chicken, Subway, and Pizza Hut (ew!) I am tired of bringing something home that is not good for me anyways. Now, granted, we were without a fridge for a total of about 20 days. So making dinners was a challenge. I needed to make things that didn't produce leftovers, because I had no way of storing them.

I have searched and searched through all my books and the internet for things that I know the family will like. So, 2 weeks ago I made a healthy dinner in less than 30 minutes, thank you Rachael Ray! And then the meal that I made this week, well, boiling the water for the pasta took the longest. How hard is it to open a can of tomoatoes and open a bag of grilled chicken strips? Not really. Made a delicious, once again, healthy dinner in less than 15 minutes.

Tonight I have to work until 7. I don't want the boys to have to eat something that isn't good for them. So, I found a recipe that was way too easy to make. Actually, all I had to do was brown the ground beef. It is a dip, but it sounded pretty good. It is ground beef, velvetta, Rotel tomatoes and some cumin. That is it, nothing else. Brown the ground beef, and Eric has to put it in the crock pot, along with everything else, cook on high for 30 minutes and dinner is done. Serve with tortilla chips, that is all there is to it. They will like it, doesn't sound too bad. Everything in one pot, but it has everything in it too. Beef, dairy, vegetables, starch.

Now that Fall is here, I can use the crockpot more. I love my crockpot, not as much as the Crockpot Lady. But when I can use it, I do. It makes a meal for the boys when I am running late, it makes a meal for all of us, without me having to stand in the kitchen all day long. Also, I have 2 Rachael Ray's books, so I can have dinner on the table in 30 minutes.

With the age of the internet, there is no reason why we can't have good meals on the table without sacraficing time. There are meals that are for people on a budget and they are healthy stuff. Not junk.

I may just start putting the recipes that I have been using on my blog. I tried that once before and got side tracked. But for those of you out there that don't cook, this stuff is easy to make!