Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Another Monday off exploring

I decided that last Monday would be a day for me to go exploring again. Since I am off Mondays, Chuck has to work, the boys are at school, why not go for a ride???? And gas has gone down considerably, so, I was off for another ride to some back road in the county.

I took off down to the end of our delivery area and kept on driving. I knew some of the area, I knew that eventually I would end up out on the highway. But what I didn't know was, what way I was gonna go. I did have my map with me, thankfully! But I really needed a Tom Tom right now. I got turned around in an area very unfamiliar to me. I saw very few cars and had no cell coverage, so I had to follow the map as best as I could.

I was hoping for some photo ops, but there weren't many out there to be found. Not like there was on the other side of the county. I really was hoping for some nice shots, but I only got a few. There weren't the barns out there that I was hoping for, the old houses, the farms, the relics in buildings. The area was quite nice, but not what I was hoping for.

Of course when I find something to take a picture of, a car, out of nowhere comes up behind me. Don't you know that was bound to happen, apparently they knew where they were going. I should have followed them.

This would have been amazing if the colors were changing. They are really changing this week, and it was nasty yesterday to go out and take pictures of the area that I have explored once already.

This was just one that I could get. I saw it, turned around and got out of the car to get it. Nothing special, but I love the roof on this thing,

This barn was right on the same property, located right behind the first one. The roof looks rather new, but the buildings haven't been used, and they seem as if they are just left to fall apart.

The house on the property was a very old house. I knew someone lived there. It was a great old house. Can you imagine the stories those walls could tell. Oh my, the life that had been lived there. I love the old style, the old windows and just the structure of the house.

I love the chimney and the porch. That is a house, that is what a house should look like. You know at one point in time, this house was worth a lot. Now, someone lives there, doesn't know how to take care of it, leaves it to fall apart. Oh the history in something like that.

Obviously I did find my way out, it was a ride and lots of confusion, but when I came out behind the party rental I was thrilled.

I did find this one barn. I am sure people still use this area but not as much as what it was used before. It was an area of farming and cattle at one point, but as that has gotten so very expensive to do, it doesn't seem worth all the work for the little bit of pay that they get for it.

I do believe that I will travel down the roads that I have been before. Look for photo ops that passed me by before. Travel down back country roads that have "Farm machinery crossing." At least then I will know that I have a chance to get some pictures.