Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is my Saturday

It used to be that Saturday was the day that I did everything, but now that my schedule has changed somewhat, I now have Tuesday as my Saturday.

Chuck has a meeting tomorrow for work. It is only a few times a year and each time they meet, 3 stores get together and bring lunch. This was Chuck's and the area's turn, so I volunteered to cook the lunch for tomorrow. He didn't want me to, but because I don't get to cook that often anymore, I jumped on the chance.

I have to remember that I am feeding 10 people, some are big eaters, some are picky, some just would rather eat something else. No hard feelings there, if you don't want to eat, you go hungry. Chuck was gonna pick up some BBQ from a local place that is outstanding. I didn't know that he was gonna do that, I would have let the guy get some business and advertising at the same time.

I chose to make a White Bean and Rigatoni dish. You know the one Royce, the one that you just love. Considering I am feeding many people, I had to quadruple the recipe. That is a lot of food. But for those of you that would like to make it for you and the family, here is the very simple and quick recipe.

1/2 lb box of rigatoni
1 lb Italian Sausage, cooked and sliced into 1/2 inch pieces. You can use turkey sausage or none at all.
2 cans Great Northern White beans, drained and rinsed
2 cans Italian style diced tomatoes (I like petite diced)

Cook the sausage, either bake or fry in pan. In medium saucepan, combine beans and tomatoes, add sausage. Cook pasta according to package. Drain, return to pot. Add the bean and tomato mixture, stir to combine.
Top with parmesan cheese and fresh basil. Serve.

That easy. But of course today I had to have 4 cans of tomatoes and 4 cans of beans, 4 lbs of sausage and rigatoni too. I have the beans, tomatoes and sausage all mixed up, ready to go. Now, I have to get up tomorrow and make the pasta. I will be up early for that. When that gets done, combine everything in the crockpots and let him get to his meeting.

I also made a cake. I love to bake and it is fun for me. Deeply Chocolate Almond Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting. Yes, it is that good. Sinful, actually.

One top of that, I had to get dinner ready for tonight. It was gonna be a cold night, I knew that when I planned out my meals for the week. So, I got bought a whole chicken instead of it already cut up, a difference of about $4 in price. Cut the chicken and make stock for chicken and dumplings, Cracker Barrel style. I love theirs, mine isn't nearly as creamy or good, but I think they are rather tasty. Only make enough for one meal. I used to make them differently, but adding cream of chicken soup is out of the question for us now. I would rather put healthy stuff in our bodies. Trying to keep up healthy.

While all of this was going on, I had one more bag of apples left. Johanna asked if I have had enough apples, the answer is YES! I am appled out. But this stuff will be around next year, through the winter. So, it is nice to make homemade buttermilk biscuits and fresh homemade apple butter to go along with it. That was breakfast this morning, along with 2 slices of Taylor ham. Chuck can't stand the stuff, I don't care. I love it. Call it a New Jersey thing.

Three loads of wash, a plate of Rocky Road fudge for the meeting too. And now time to relax.

Chuck is at work tonight, so the boys and I are gonna watch "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." Yes, I know that I am 41, but ya know, the kids still watch it, I still look forward to the holidays and all the shows that come on during the season.
Elaine, you and I will be watching A Year Without A Santa Claus again this year. And when I watch it, I will be singing along, just like you will be!

Ok, that was my day off. I was busy. But, it was productive. I have to follow Johanna's steps and clean out some closets next week. I have a ton of crafts that I need to be working on, but right now, it is finding them and getting to them.

I stay busy, it is good for me, it is good for the family too. I make some good dinners and good desserts too.


Elaine said...

A Year Without a Santa Claus is definitely my favorite Christmas special and I make sure I watch it when I know it's on! And just like you, I sing along!!!! : )