Monday, October 27, 2008

The heat is on

Living down here I have learned that I don't usually have the heat on until the first week in November. This year was different. I came home about 2 weeks ago and thought I smelled the dust coming out of the vents. And I was right.

It got cold very fast this year. Sometimes we have a slow transisition, this year, um, no. It was really nice one day and the next day it turned cold. So, the nights now consist of the heat, electric blanket, heavier socks and slippers. Sweat shirts and sweat pants have replaced the t shirt and shorts that I would wear when I got home from work.

I love this time of year. I love to get the blankets out and cuddle too. Summer is fun, to me that is the fun time of year. The boys play outside and have a blast, we have our gardens and learn all kinds of new things.

For me Fall is my time of year. I love to sit and crochet more, I feel as if this is the time of year for that. I don't feel as if I am wasting a beautiful summer day, stuck inside. The colors make the entire Fall season worth while. I love the vibrant oranges, reds and yellow, twine in some brown and you have a picture worth taking. A ride worth driving, a day worth spending outside breathing the Fall, crisp, fresh air.

Yes, it did get colder sooner this year, but that is ok, it is opening the way for Winter. For snow, snowmen, snow angels, snow ball fights. For frosty mornings, for homemade cocoa, for warm meals that warm us all the way to the bone.

I so enjoy the colder weather. It is easier for dinners, harder to get out of bed, prettier to look at, and a time to bundle up and go and play, come in and warm up.

I love this time of year, and once again, I am so looking forward to working outside more.


Johanna said...

I probably shouldn't comment on this blog because today was bill day and I went through 3 weeks of mail hell.

I see our gas bill went up from $95/month to $132/month to $150/month now up to $187/month. I am on the average pay and they just readjusted the payments from our usage last year. Good grief!

So no, I'm not ready for dry skin, high gas bills, leafless trees and cold weather.

The colors are pretty though and I do like snowmen and cocoa. But my word! The bills are a climbing!

Elaine said...

Our weather has been very up and down, but it has been COLD the last couple of days. I did finally succomb and turn on the heat, but like Johanna, I am dreading the heating bills. October is my favorite month of the year, I love all the colors and the crispness in the air.