Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The final installment of vacation memories

Thank goodness this is the last vacation blog! There was so much to say that I just couldn't put it in one blog. It would be way too long, and y'all would get bored reading it like that. Not saying that you haven't gotten bored yet! But you know what I mean.

Friday was to be a restful day. We didn't look for anything much to do, but did decide to head to the west end of the island. For the most part the west end of the island is deserted. This is where the oil rig washed up to shore after Hurricane Katrina. They have it sectioned off, you can walk it if you like, but there is no parking any where close to it. So we just decided to walk a little bit of the beach on the west end where we could park.

There is a walkover right where parking starts again. The roads down that end are still covered with sand, so the walk to get to the beach is a rough, sandy walk. We finally get over and the water is NOT calm like it was that one day. Rather choppy I would have to say. The boys had fun with a bucket and sand. They dug, made some kind of castle stuff, and made canals. So, they were wet and sandy with NO towels and leather seats in the car.

Chuck dug in the water for whatever he could find. Everytime we have been to the beach, he has always found something live. He did have his hands on a crab, the wrong way.... pinch, pinch, pinch. So, he lost that one. But he looked for shells and some minnows. The water was washing in so quickly, he had to get rid of his keys, so I had to hold that and the shells. I didn't get in the water. I wanted to though.

Chuck is soaked, the boys are soaked and covered with sand, we have no towels, and I am dry. What to do???? Well, Chuck said that he and the boys would walk back to the house, it wasn't but a 1/2 mile away. So, I take off and go back to the house. And wait, wait wait.

After about 25 minutes, I take the binoculars and look both ways for police and run across the berm. I don't see them, not at all. So, I go back in the house, wait a little longer. Get in the car and drive to the first walkover, still don't see them. I head back to the house and I wait some more. Get in the car, and head to the furtherest walkover. Not there, well where are they? Head to the other walkover and who do I see, but the 3 stooges! Sure enough here they come. Chuck is sunburnt, PJ climbs as fast as he could over the berm and Eric is just praying to get back to the house in one piece.

Chuck and Eric walked the rest of the way, PJ couldn't take it any longer.I can understand. Walking in that sand hurts my ankles. But I take PJ back and then here come the other 2. Two hours they were down there, no wonder they were sunburnt and tired.

They rested for a little while and we had gone for a ride around when Chuck wanted to see how long of a walk it was for them. It wasn't a 1/2 mile like he thought, it was 2.3 miles. It wasn't a straight shot either. It turned and twisted and in some spots they didn't have much beach to walk on. That was a long walk for them. But I had the sense not to get wet and the sense that I was driving back to the house. Smart mommy!

While Chuck and I were inside resting, the boys were under the house playing in the sand. They loved it. It was fun for them to be outside, not in the sun, and still be able to play in the sand. Chuck went to get them for lunch, and when he got down there, he couldn't believe what he saw. Those 2 had built a canal under the house and had the spigot running to get the water flowing in the canal. They were covered in mud, but they were having a great time.

I had decided to do something with them before we left. Just me and the boys. I wanted to get ice cream, but Eric had different plans. He was just wanting to play, and no matter how much I tried to get him to go with me, he just would't listen to what I was wanting to do with them. So, he went to go play in the sand and PJ and I took off for an hour or more.

I took him shopping and then I took him to get a snowcone. Well, this is not your typical everyday snowcone. This was a 16 oz cup of shaved ice with your choice of flavors. When the woman told me that there was a wait, I couldn't figure out what she was talking about. When I got it, I understood why it took so long to make them. He loved it, got brain freeze and went back for me. We got back, and PJ came inside, "can I share mine with Eric?" That was fine. That was also sweet, knowing that because his brother hurt my feelings, he still wanted to share. Trust me there was plenty there.

Saturday morning brought relief and dread too. I was ready for home, but not ready for work. It was a nice vacation, I would go back again. I didn't get to Gulf Shores. I wanted to, but they changed their minds. So, I didn't do all that I wanted to do. But we are heading to Pigeon Forge for a long weekend before school starts.

We cleaned up, packed up and headed to the house. The time there was wonderful. I loved meeting the nicer people, the bakery was wonderful, the experiences that we had were priceless. It is nice when the boys are young enough to still enjoy the sand, the different things to do, the water and the time to relax.

The ride home took about 7 1/2 hours. Not too bad, we only stopped 3 times on the way home. It was nice to come back to a clean house, a cat that missed us and our own beds.

Vacations are just that, vacations. Time to relax and spend time with the family. The boys were about to kill each other yesterday being home all day long together, they had enough of each other. But we made our lasting memories and the time we had together was great!

Thanks for sharing my vacation memories with me!