Sunday, June 10, 2007

Monday, Monday.... part 3

Eric and I decided to take a ride, just to go to the Chamber of Commerce to get some information on where to go and what to see. I called to find out where they were located. He told me and Eric and I ventured out.
I go to the building where he told me. Locked, no trespassing signs on it, pad locked on another door. This can't be right. So, I drive around the block, stop at the post office and had Eric run in and ask. Well, once again, someone was hateful towards one of us. She told him that the it was next door, in a short tone. I drove through the parking lot again, and I noticed that the doors were locked and that there were signs posted all over the building. But nothing. So, I went back to the post office and I spotted some people that were heading in. I had asked them if they were from the area and do they know where the Chamber of Commerce was at. And they pointed to that building next to the post office. They also suggested to go to the Welcome Center.
I head over there to the Welcome Center, they are open Weds through Sat. Great, this is MONDAY. And this is not a very welcome place. So, I called the Chamber of Commerce again! And I got the guy that I was talking with earlier that day. I asked him where can I get some information about the island, and that the Welcome Center was closed and I really would like to have something to do. Well, he started telling me that I was hateful, was I a realtor, who exactly was I. So, of course I told him that I was vacationing and that if I don't find one person that is somewhat nice to any of us, there would be one less family coming to the island for vacation. He informed me that he was on a bike and would open the Welcome Center for me. Turns out it was open because there was an election going on the next day. The woman in the center was very nice, gave me crayons for the boys and coloring books too. Told me all about the things going on the island, what to do, where to go, and what you need to see. That was nice of her.
We ventured out some more and found these Goat Trees, curiousity just set in. I had to see what they were. They are these huge trees that the wild goats would sit in the trees and cover with the swamp moss to protect them from the salt water crocs.

We went to the pier. It is a public pier open 24 hours. People use it for fishing and for sight seeing. Chuck took off with PJ to the bathroom, while they were gone, I stood there and watched a crane fly up to the pier, land and grab a fish for lunch. It was so awesome to see something like that. I enjoyed that. I looked over the pier at the sandbar, saw some more birds, and the same crane. Seems like it was protecting its area.

I didn't see much caught while there, but as we were leaving, the little old man caught a catfish. Never saw a salt water catfish, but it looks the same as the fresh water ones.

Eventually all of us went to the Audabon Society Bird Sanctuary. It thundered off shore, so we thought that we were gonna be ok. It was humid in the woods, the mosquitos were out, and there wasn't one bird to be seen. Chuck was getting eaten alive and it started to rain, so we had to get out of there. I don't think that we missed very much. I know that the alligators were not out that day.

We got to the car just in time, it started to storm. And you would figure that since you are on an island in the month of June, when the weather is hot, that the storm would be a warmer storm. Nope, cold, cold, cold. Cold hard rain, cold breeze, cold temperatures. It was nasty. But Chuck and I decided to go for a walk.
The first attempt to a walk brought on this : Where are you going? Where are you going? WHERE ARE YOU GOING? from PJ shouting out the door. We didn't get very far.
Tried it again, I told the boys we were going for a walk and would be back in a little while. It poured down on us, we walked to the nearest walkover, head down to the beach, and walked. Watched the water crash on the shore, looked for shells (I love shells), and held hands. It was nice, nice and cold that is. Now you aren't supposed to cross over the berm. There is a sign when you hit the one part of the island, $500 fine. Yeah, that is a joke! We crossed over and walked back, in the pouring rain on the pavement. But it was nice to spend some time alone.We really didn't realized how far we walked until we went for a ride the next morning when we hit the beach at 7am.

After it rained a rainbow appeared over the Gulf. It was so pretty. I had never seen the end of a rainbow, but this time I did. Right in front of the house, there it was, this beautiful rainbow. It was a nice ending to a nasty, cold day.