Sunday, June 10, 2007

Vacation times, part 2. Sunday

It is so smart to talk to the locals about good places to eat. Even though most of the people there don't live on the island, they live somewhere in Alabama, but they know where to go when they want something to eat. So in talking to the cleaning ladies and the man that lives in the house in front of us, we found some places to eat.
Sunday morning we found the quaint little bakery in the area. It was a lovely little bakery. They opened at 9, 10 our time, so by the time we got there we were a little hungry. We got there about 10 minutes early, and there was already 5 people in front of us. See, we had heard that they have omelets on Sunday mornings and we wanted to try some.
We get in line and drool over all the pasteries in the glass case. Everything looked so good! But we stuck with our plan, omelets for us and some really good sticky buns. We get up there and order the crabmeat omelet and the sausage omelet. They come with mushrooms, peppers, onions and choice of cheese.
We ordered, and find a place to sit. They had several little tables, and only 2 larger ones. Well, there was a couple that didn't want to sit in the sun, so they took the table for 6. We had no place to sit, but they were so sweet, they let us sit with them. That was so nice of them.I had whispered to Eric that he needed to chew with his mouth shut, well, Chuck nearly came across the table because once again, it was wide open. We enjoyed the conversation with them. Our food comes and the omelets are fluffy and huge. We split the 2 between us and split the 2 different kind of sticky buns. They were to die for! We had the best breakfast. It was something that we never had done before, to eat at, basically, a specialty store. It was so worth the money and the calories.
We decided to risk another visit to the Walmart, it wasn't as far as we thought it was. We thought that a pair of binoculars would come in handy, we always forget the cheap pair that we have. So we invested in a good pair, finally! And it was a good investment. I am so glad we did, because we got to see the unsightly oil rigs, the pelicans diving into the water, the shrimp boats going by the house.
One the way back from Walmart, we stopped at Skinner's Seafood Market, locally owned and operated. And they have their own boats too. We decided to get some really large shrimp, they had their heads on them still, so they had to come off. We wanted them steamed, so while we were waiting, PJ spotted the crawfish. He asked about it, and she showed him what to do. I never thought a day in my life that he would like them, but he did. And he bought a 2 lb bag of them. He loved them, chowed down on them at lunch time. Begged for more to snack on.

We were sitting on the deck that afternoon, just relaxing, and we heard a dog yelping. At first thought, there was a dog fight, for there were 4 dogs a few houses down. Come to find out, the black lab fell off the deck, 2 stories high. He fell down to the sand, with some lumber around the bottom.We watched them to make a make shift splint and take him away. As we were walking by to go to the beach, remember, no walkover, we asked about the dog. Thankfully, it was only a dislocated elbow.
We went to the beach for a little while that evening. Relaxed and realized that day 2 went much better than when we arrived. And we also realized that we kinda liked that little island. And that we were there for the week, so we needed to enjoy the time there.

More to come later.....