Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Breakfast with some old friends

I decided to take the boys to breakfast this morning. It is something that I don't do often, but if we are to go out, I want to go to breakfast. I am tired of going to places that are fast food or even Cracker Barrell, not that the food isn't good. But sometimes something different is nice.
We went to the Rebel this morning. It is an old, popular place here in town. Let me put it this was, it was AN old place. The original location is now the home of the new location. They relocated many, many years ago on a very busy corner of town. Eventually they closed that one down and in 2004 they reopened in the original location.
The boys hadn't ever been there, so I decided that this morning we would go and enjoy a different kind of breakfast, a real home cooked breakfast. Real eggs, huge biscuits, and homemade gravy.
Of course we got there and we had to wait for a table, um, maybe 5 minutes. But the original owner is the hostess and she sat and talked with us while we waited.
We got seated and looked over the menu. Eric wasn't sure what he wanted, but he ended up with an omelet. PJ got the biscuits and gravy. And moi, well, bacon, eggs, bicuits and gravy.
PJ didn't care for the gravy too much, but he chowed down on his cat head biscuits with spread (EW) and jelly. Eric devoured his omelet And I ate and watched the people come in and out.
I love watching people that know each other, they come in, they wait to be seated, they stop and talk to their friends. They stop and talk to people they haven't seen in years. They sit down beside you, smile, and greet you. The waitresses are real people, they don't have to go through all that training that is required from Corporate office or the chain that owns them. And when people come in they greet them with a real smile.
I loved watching the waitresses greeting the people that they have known forever, because these are people that have been eating there forever. They hold up a pot of coffee and see if you need more. They laugh and hold real conversations with you.
Breakfast was delicious. The boys said that this was the best breakfast they had out. The biscuits were great, and the service was wonderful. They told the waitress this too, she got so tickled that she told the other waitress, the cooks in the back and the owner. Isn't that nice to know that people still share good news with all the others.
We left looking at the history in that little place. We enjoyed the not rushed atmosphere. We loved the food, the friends, the entire place. Stop in at
Look at the history. Glance at the menu. Take a minute and look at the way it was in Cleveland many years ago.