Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Open House at school

Last night was open house at the middle school for Eric. I really didn't want to go, but I did. I did because my dad never did anything like that with me, never showed any interest in anything with me. And I just refuse to be like that. So, the 3 of us piled in the car and went on our way.
We all meet in the auditorium and wait for the time to leave to go see the classrooms. Of course they announce that sweat shirts are on sale for $20, and then the booster club was selling entrances to the dances for $5. So, you know that I have to buy that stuff. And I did.
I asked Eric who he was gonna ask to the dance, and he looked at me. "What are you talking about?" "Well, Eric, you ask a girl to the dance." "HUH? I thought that was for the dance team thingys." "Nope, you go to a dance and you dance with a girl." "Oh,well you just wasted your money, I am NOT going!"
So, we get to the classrooms and he shows me his locker, where he sits in each class, shows me around the school. I meet all the teachers, talk to them, grab some stuff for their wish list and end up getting lost.
In the process of all of this, I end up meeting the other PE teacher. He is friend's with our neighbor. And the Teen Living woman is another friend of theirs. So, I mentioned to Eric that I don't want to hear anything about him causing problems, because it will get back to us. But I know not to worry about it, because he is such a good kid.
I was speaking to the Teen Living teacher about Eric and all that he can do. Now, I didn't know what Teen Living was, so I will explain it to you. This is where you learn how to do wash, iron, use the microwave, cook, things like that to prepare them for life. It is not home ec, but on the lines of it.
So, I was talking to her and I told her that Eric is looking forward to this class. And I also mentioned to her that he already knows how to do all the things that this class teaches. She looked at me like I was crazy, but I told her that he can do this stuff, because I have taught him most of it already. She told me that he may be too advanced for her class. Well, isn't that nice! LOL! I was kinda shocked that she would say something like that, but I just smiled and went on my way.
I teach them things to survive through life. I do this for one very good reason. I don't want them to me like me when I got married. I didn't know how to do anything. I lived at home until I was 22 and I had mom doing all my wash, I didn't cook because my dad did all of that, I didn't have to pay many bills because all I had was my car and a few credit cards, I really didn't know how to do anything at all. And I had to learn, and in some cases the hard way. But still I learned, willing to learn, and now I am the teacher.
But back to open house, I was proud to see that the locker was clean, that he is organized with everything. That he moves promptly to each classroom and class without problems. It is nice to see that he is trying to be more responsible with this,and he is taking is seriously.
I am proud of him, he is trying so hard in school. It is nice knowing that teachers are pleased with him, and mostly that he is pleased with himself. It is starting to show.