Thursday, September 6, 2007

Well, Chuck's asst manager got married this past weekend. It was a nice day, and cool enough in the mountains for a ceremony.
I have never been to any of the chapels in Pigeon Forge, Gatlinburg or Wears Valley. I didn't know what to expect.

I knew the wedding started at 5. I kept telling Chuck that we need to leave by 2:30. But he kept insisting that 3:30 would be fine. Ok, you know what you are talking about.
We are walking out the door and I told him that we HAVE to leave, the wedding is at 5. And it takes all of an hour and half or more to get up there.
Ok, he is already aggravated with the fact that we are gonna be late, now mine you, I told him 5 times what time the wedding was and what time we need to leave. But he had it stuck in his head that it was 5:30 and we had plenty of time.
Instead of taking the interstate, we hit 411. Nice ride not much traffic, but you have to watch the speed limits. We get all the way to Maryville, and I goofed up, I told him take 411 when we should have gotten on 321. Oops, not like that 3 minutes detour is gonna hurt much. We were already late.
I see him tapping his finger, getting madder and madder. Apparently, I should have reminded him again that it started at 5, even though I had already done that many times in the past few days. I also should have reminded him that it takes 2 hours to get up there, even though I have only driven it once. And I should have gotten him up off his butt at 2, to make him get ready to go. So, in turn, it was my fault.
Anyway, we finally get up there. And after all that garbage in the car, I didn't want to be there. But I got out of the car and stayed far, far away from Chuck. Didn't put on my smiley face either. Just there. Nothing else but there.
We get there in time for pictures.

We missed the I do's. But come to find out, so did a lot of people. There was an accident on I 40, seems like a woman wanted to make her own lane, down the shoulder, over the guard rail and down the hill. So, the only people that got to see the wedding was the family. Even her one brother got there right before we did.
It was nice of them to have everyone that came to the wedding in a group photo.

Something that I haven't seen before. This is just one of the friends that came were invited.
I took several pictures of them. Not knowing that the photographer had another wedding at 6. And another at 7 and at 8. The chapel apparently pushes wedding through like an assembly line.

Everytime that I went outside, I saw a different couple getting pictures taken. All of them were the same as what she took at this wedding. Generic photos, nothing at the reception, nothing when they left. I know that we all had cameras there, but you pay for the photographer to take pictures. So, the generic pictures aren't that special.
So, I am there with my handy dandy camera and start shooting some of the pictures.
I love these, I love black and white. And these 2 are perfect pictures for the black and white. I am thinking about getting them enlarged and in black frames for them as a gift.
They had a carriage there that was cute. I wanted to get the boys in there, but I didn't have a chance.

So, we go into the reception, and they have 2 beautiful cakes, and cookies with their names on them. Turns out, her mom made everything. It was beautiful and delicious.

The roses were on sucker sticks. She made all the roses out of fondant and she put them on sucker sticks to stick in the cake. It was pretty cool the way that she did that. I wish I had that talent!

I love this one! He didn't care who was there. He didn't care if anyone was there. He was just happy that she was there.

And then this one too, I think I will have poster size of this done and have Chuck post it at work.

Well, since this was at a chapel, we were pushed to leave at 8. They have 3 reception rooms and the 4th wedding was needing the room. Now, I know you pay for all of that, and you get your cabin to stay in for the week. But a little romance would be nice.
We leave, and once again, I am not talking to Chuck. Don't care if he apologized half way through the reception. I have nothing to say to him. From now on, when he asks what way to go, I won't have an opinion in it.
When having a wedding on Labor day weekend, in the busiest city in TN, what do you expect. Their family came in from CA, GA, FL and Chattanooga. The family that traveled to get there, couldn't get reservations. They got the invitation and tried to make reservations, but they couldn't get rooms. The place was packed. Reservations 6 months ahead is what you need to have up there.
Well, we get home, and there is a sign, road work. At 10:15????? We asked if we can just get to our house, and were told that no driveways were blocked. None, but ours.
Cleveland Utilities were out digging a hole in my front yard. Now I understand that they have to do this, but when they were out at 2 that afternoon, you would think that they knew there was a water problem across the street.
There was a water main break, and of course it had to be fixed.
I didn't give Chuck a chance to get out, I am out there in no shoes, pointing my finger up to the foreman, asking him what was going on? Ok, it wasn't that nice.... but I wanted to know why there was an 8 foot deep hole, 10 x 10 wide in my front yard. Yes, I understand the water main break. But they ripped up my yard. Yes, they have right of way, BUT that is my front yard. And of course I want to know what they were gonna do to repair it. Well, the local nursery will resow the grass and they will fix their mess.
About midnight, while we are still awake watching UT get beat up by Cal, Chuck looks out the window. Well, they moved to the other side of the road. They didn't know where to fix it from. They didn't know what side to dig up. So they started on one side and then decided that since the people across the street from me had no water, that it was coming out of my side.
When we got up the hole was filled, but it looks like crap right now.
It isn't pretty when me at 5'5" is yelling at 10:15 at a guy that could stomp me like a bug. Yep, I pretty much ticked them off!

Funny, PJ said, "I was gonna tell them to stop" What were you gonna do PJ, kick them in the shins?" We all weren't too happy about it. But you have to deal with it.
This is the 2nd water main break in the past 3 weeks. I wonder what is going on with this. We are in drought situation and all of these mains are breaking. But only one at 10pm has to be the one directly in front of my bedroom window.