Thursday, September 6, 2007

Rockin Robin

Today was 50's day at PJ's school. I didn't dress PJ up, because, well, it is kinda hard to find something for a boy to wear. The girls all wore the poodle skirts, some of the boys dressed in the white t shirt and blue jeans.
The Fall Festival is tomorrow, and the theme is the 50's. And there was an album cover contest, and the dress up contest. We got to see the winners to the album cover contest, and then the 3rd grade did their dance.
They all get up, line up, and the music start. Rockin Robin, toot toot, rocking robin.

PJ looked a little confused, along with the others. But when they started their dance. It was so funny, so cute, you couldn't help but laugh.

So, they dance back and forth, flip their wings, spin in circles, dance some more and take a bow.

I go to these things, no matter how silly it may be. No matter how long it takes. No matter what they do. I go, because I love my boys. It was nice that the principal acknowledge the parents, the support of the school. That this was the backbone of the school. It is nice that parents are there for their children.
I know that some can't go. But this place was packed out today. It was SRO! All of the school was there, but the parents that showed up, it was unreal. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters. That is what is all about, family. To enjoy the time that we won't get back. To spend those precious moments, capture the laughs, the smiles, the flips and the flops, the bumps, spins and turns.
So, for me, to take the time to go to something as silly, but something very important to PJ. It may not seem to me as a big deal to me, but that "HI MOMMY" or even "HI MISS PATTI" from the pastor's son, that is more precious to me.