Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I made it in the paper !

Ok, I never thought that when I sent in a picture to the local newspaper last week that it would be actually in the paper. But when I went to church yesterday and Pastor told me that he saw my picture in Friday's paper, I was a little surprised.
"I saw your picture in the paper on Friday." "oh ok, what picture?" "Your picture of the eagle." "Eagle? You mean the hawk?" "Yes, that was it, it was on the front page."
So, I had to go home and get my neighbor's paper and noticed that it was right there on the front. So, what do I do, I start texting Chuck, calling my mom, my dad and whomever I can think of.
Today, I go and buy 4 copies of the paper, so that way I can send out a copy to my mom and friends. And I tell all here at work about it too. It was rather neat to be on the front page. I know that it is not the Times, Atlanta Journal, but it is the local paper.