Saturday, November 1, 2008

Amazingly Quiet

Sometime last year, the city banned trucks with 5 axles or more off one certain road in town. The logging trucks would drive way too fast down there, not use the road that is for more commercial traffic. There aren't any lights on this one sretch and they thought that they could get to where they were going faster. But after one house was nearly ripped in half by an accident involving my friend and a logging truck, and one spot where the logging truck turned over, the city decided that there needed to be no more trucks. Very good idea, this one street isn't mainly residential, but there are houses on it, churches and businesses.

I thought at the time that it would be a great idea that they do that on our street. All residential, maybe one or 2 very small, local businesses. No reason for an 18 wheeler to drive through this area. The truck fly down this very busy street because there aren't any lights at all, and they really can get to their destination quicker.

About 3 weeks ago, Chuck and I were on our way back from somewhere, driving down our road, and I noticed that the Public Works Dept was putting up the poles. Turns out they were also putting up signs. "No trucks, 5 axles or more." Yippee! They finally realized that this area didn't need to have all that major traffic in this area.

A few nights ago the boys were watching tv, PJ came running to us, "Um, there is a truck on the street, and there is a little one with yellow lights on." Ok, from the start of our road to the very end, there are signs everywhere stating no trucks. This one guy decided he didn't have to obey the signs and kept on going. You know,he got caught, right in front of the house. They had to re-route traffic, have him back up, go onto one street, back up and then take the next street over to get off this road and get to the 4 lane that he should have been using in the first place.

Chuck commented that it would be a good thing if they enforce this, and apparently they are enforcing it.

I have noticed that it is very quiet now in the mornings. They didn't use their Jake Brake through this area, but when the windows rattled and the house shook, you felt it, you heard every little bump in the road, all hours of the night. For 8 years we have listened to this, complained about it, and now they finally have done something. Yes, there are the dump trucks and the school buses, but that is needed. The other wasn't needed and now they aren't allowed to travel down this road any longer.