Monday, June 1, 2009

Adrienne's Graduation

Chuck's niece graduated from HS on the 14th of May. I have a hard time believing that time has gone by so quickly, before I know it, Eric will be graduating too. Time goes by so fast and if you don't pay attention, you miss out on a whole lot.

The school she went too was the same school that Chuck, Cheryl and Robin graduated from. It is a very small school. The ceremony wasn't anything like the ones in Cleveland, and the ones in Cleveland aren't anything like the ones in places like Miami or NYC. This ceremony lasted about an hour.

This is the entire class. It is nice this way, you know everyone in your class. Not just by passing them in the hallway, you have lunch with them, you see them around your small town, you know like it was when we were growing up. It's time like this that I miss.

Silly picture time! And leave it to Adrienne to make a silly face! I had to catch this one for her.

Now, they went over this many times during the rehearsal. They told the graduates that they will be receiving their diplomas AFTER the ceremony. You don't want to give the wrong one to the wrong person. Understandable, it happens. Trust me, it happened at Chuck's commissioning ceremony at Lee. But, Adrienne looked in her folder, and there wasn't any diploma. She looked at her grandmother in shock!

After it was all said and done, a few more shots of the family

A chance for cousins to compare cell phones

For the grandchildren to get together for one photo

And a time for the grandparents to shine