Monday, June 1, 2009

Honor's ceremony

I can't say how tickled I was with Eric and his award that he was going to win.

We got to school a little early and got front row seats. Chuck's parents did get to come, and I know that made Eric happy.

There were so many children getting awards, but I didn't care about all of them, I was only there to see Eric get his award.

Each related arts teacher gave awards to students in their class that A) did well in that class, meaning A's and B) did extra things to help out or C) stood out in the class someway.

Mrs. Dunn was a teacher that Eric did not get along with last year. He would come home everyday of the 9 weeks of her class and complain about her.

This year was different. Eric grew up a little bit and matured some too. He went into Teen Living wanting to learn. They designed their own houses on the computers, learned how to sell them, learned how to read credit reports, learn how to work with the bank. He loved it. He helped other students get started when he was done, he also help the students that were struggling with some things too.

After the 9 weeks was up, he decided that since he was getting to school early, he would continue to help her out. Taking down chairs, turning on the computers, organizing her class. He still got an A in the class, he worked hard when he didn't have to be there, he did the things that the teacher had to find the time for.

She called his name, and I have to admit, mom got a little tearied eyed. He has come so far, he has so much ahead of him. But he has gotten to a point that we never thought we would see. We never thought we would hear his name and Honor's Ceremony in the same sentence.

They called the names for honor roll, students that got A's and B's throughout the entire year. Eric didn't make it this time, he missed it by 2 tenths of a point. One C the entire year. The rest he made all A's, 2 B's and 1 C. I can't complain, considering he barely made it through elementary school.

He told me that he will get honor roll next year. He sets his goals, not too high, but enough for him to reach. He will get there.

Once again, I am so proud of my son. I see where he has been and I see where he is going.