Monday, June 29, 2009

My Friend's Wedding

I went to a wonderful wedding this past weekend. We had a blast. But I want to give a little bit of information before I go on about the wedding.

Chris was a student at the Seminary when I worked there. He came up a few years ago to check out the school and then he decided, after much prayer and consideration, that he would be attending.

Over my time there, he and I became good friends. We talked all the time, about everything from church to cooking. I know that I had lots of friends there, but he was one that was more like a brother to me. He put me in my place a few times too. He is also one that remained my friend after I was terminated.

Last year at a grad party that we both went to, I noticed something a little different about him. He told me that he met someone and was looking for a ring. I wasn't surprised, I knew that someone was going to come into his life and turn him on his heels. And that is exactly what happened.

Come to present day. June 27th, he and Miriam got married. What a wonderful ceremony! I haven't seen 2 people so much in love like that in a long time. Two wonderful people, they deserve each other.

I really wonder who he was talking to......

Now, I try not to cry at weddings. Only if they were my own or someone close to me. I cried. Chris cried, and I think that set me off.

Very sweet ceremony, very touching ceremony too. They wanted all to join in and light a candle with them. I have been to 2 weddings this year, and the communion and ministers praying over the one couple and this really made the moment right.

This was located in the mountains of North Georgia. Very nice drive, got a little lost, made it there on time, took curves a little too fast for a much needed potty break. Got there before the bride walked down the aisle.

The scenery was gorgeous,
the chapel was amazing, the humidity was oppressive! The company was fantastic, the reception was a BLAST!

Now on our way back up to the sitting area before going inside, they happy couple came outside for some pictures. I caught some very nice shots, but this tickled me, check out the flip flops!

They provided a very nice spread outside before we got to go inside. Fruit, veggies, tea and water. Then we finally got to go inside.

The DJ introduced them and they had their first dance.

After she danced with her daddy
and he danced with his mother, the DJ annouced that before it got too hot, all happy couples come out and dance, all couples come out and dance. This is what I got, "Mommy, may I have this dance?" What was I supposed to do? Very touching moment for me.

This caught my eye and before the evening was out, I had shed my hose, tossed them and put on a pair of dancing shoes!

Why not have a good time! And we did just that. And with Chuck not going, I had to dance with PJ. Not a bad thing either!

I love weddings, I love how they have changed so much since I got married. The cakes aren't all white

The groom's cake is just as fun as can be, don't care for the Gator, but that wasn't my choice

That you don't have to be so conventional anymore. Things change and it is a nice change. You remember all the bridesmaids had to wear the same dress, not anymore. The cake was white, the food was served to you, it is so different now, and it is fun too.

The tables in the reception area had pictures of the two on them, they didn't have a power point slide show, they had a lovely guest book with pictures of them in it. The tables had flower seed packets in each spot. Little things like that to have you remember their special day as well.

PJ and I went to sign the book and he spotted bubbles. Leave it to him to spot the bubbles. So, we took them back to the table and the photographer caught me blowing bubbles while sitting at the table. I am sure that made a lovely picture.

The blessing from her father

And of course there was cutting of the cake with her Grandmother's wedding set.

Feeding each other, that was cute.

Throwing the flowers

Retrieving the garter

Throwing the garter

And oh yeah, catching the garter, yes that is my son

More dancing with friends

And the bride

A gift from her father-in-law

And finally, the escape to be alone

They are going into the missions. They have plans to go to Korea and other countries. He had this planted in his heart a long time ago and now he has someone to go with him.

We found our way home easily, the short cut that led us there, led us home too.

After a wonderful day, we made it home. A little tired, but so worth it, touched by a tender moment from PJ, and witnessing an amazing love between two very AMAZING people.

The easy part is over for them, but they are on the right track.

Congratulations Chris and Miriam!